God’s Time Bubble

A time bubble experiment.
Layman’s version;

“There are yet people who say there is no God. But what really makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views.”
–Albert Einstein

“When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence: Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter.”
–Albert Einstein

An experiment in creating a static Temporal bubble, a static time dilation bubble. This is a static version of the Hafele-Keating experiment, which was used to verify the time dilation effects of special/general relativity on atomic clocks flown at high speeds.

The hypothesis of this experiment being slightly different, that; Einstein’s ‘Imponderable Aether’ of General Relativity, being the basis of space-time, is measurable, if the particle based universe is thrown out and Einstein/Bohm Energy/Pilot Wave universe is substituted, and so called ‘dark’ energy is seen as the source of all measurable forces and the hardness of matter then, a linkage must be revealed between special relativity and general relativity, and the only possible method, is a measurement of time being affected by a common, yet thought to be separate, force.

Gravito-magnetism has been confirmed by Gravity Probe B;

(Thus gravitomagnetism is a real ‘phenomena’, it only remains to answer the questions below, to link gravity and magnetism, through relativity.)

Did the special relativity experiments, designed to measure time dilation, ignore half the field of gravity? Is gravity dual in nature? In other words, is gravity and magnetism, two halves of one field, or separate fields inhabiting the same space? Would the time dilation experiments show any results within the other half, the magnetic? If so, then gravity must be seen as a gravito-magnetic field. If the forces are integrated then, is this more an indicator of an aether, than a particle universe? In particular, a dark invisible aether?

To better prove the nature of what was known to the ancients as the ‘force of darkness’, is this what we now know as space-time? Only by generating data towards the Integration of the General, Special, and Hyper Relativity theories through the revealing of the nature of Einstein’s ‘Imponderable Aether’, can we begin to know truth. But God’s truth is a thing that mainstream science has abandoned, in favor of the search for a God particle(Which it appears, in the Unified Field of God theory, defines the Vacuum potential or virtual particles, as invisible vortexes within the Aether.  What Chris Nuttall, in his works of science fiction, termed; the Quantum Foam.).

Step one was an experimental indication of the existence and nature of the Imponderable Aether. This was done by our ‘dark’ Michelson-Morley experiment using a modified Tesla coil as a sensor, which indicated that an aetheric ‘wind’ was measurable. This indicated that the aetheric/gravito-magnetic field, was not a static field, but was more of a vortex. This allowed a direct electromagnetic sensing of the frame dragging of general relativity, which could be the foundation of a gravito-magnetic vortex. This hinted at the aetherial foundation of reality, but, sensing it was dependent on electromagnetic hysteresis(coil latency, or stickiness of space-time), which implied a coupling between the magnetic field and the gravitational field through the underlying hyper geometry of universal energy and the theoretical quantum foam of the Unified Field. In this experiment a ‘gravity wind’ was detected coming only from the east, from the direction of rotation of the Earth. This experiment generated a mobius pattern, indicating a flow of a magnetic substance.

Step two, we think, you must unite general and special relativity through a common variable(linkage or coupling), a common force, that should not(conventionally) give a time dilation at high speeds. This should be a magnetic field, since, under our theory, the Aether is the source of magnetism(that the magnetic monopole does not exist, nor any gravity ‘particles’), and that, the Dark(Invisible) Aether carries all forces. Thus gravity and magnetism should be seen to be linked or coupled at some level, which should be indicated by a similar effect as has been measured by the experiments testing gravity vs time…

Thus, to measure the imponderable aether of General Relativity, by the time dilation property of special relativity, is one more Proof of an aether, and that the underlying mechanism of aetherial reality being ‘dark’ or invisible, is the source of all dark forces including the strong, weak, gravitic, magnetic, inertial, entropy, and ultimately, The God Particle(shadow vortex ‘shell’). That reality is electromagnetic, that the coupling ‘constant’ of forces is not a constant, but gets stronger with smaller and smaller scales, and this is revealed in the turns density effect of electromagnetic coils, and hysteresis being a product of sticky space time, becomes pronounced at these smaller scales because current flow in the coil is dragging against the aetherial interface with surrounding materials(the R factor in the Unified Field equation).

If you accept that Einstein was mostly right, that a Unified Field must exist, and wrong with regards to the makeup of this thing we call ‘energy-space-time’, then it becomes necessary to find the linkage or ‘coupling’ between science and religion. Simply because we must leave the ‘known’ Universe in order to establish the Source of the Energies that drive the Universe. Whenever you leave the known Universe, by definition, you enter the realm of metaphysics. But because of the fragmented nature of science, divided into ‘schools of thought’, then the only way to unify those schools, is to prove that the ‘imponderable’ or unprovable, is, measurable. Which in the case of the Unified Field demands that we merge the relativities, and  prove the nature of the imponderable aether by establishing a proven linkage to the space-time of special relativity through the ‘loophole’ of Time.

Under the new Unified Field theory, SR is a subset of Hyper Relativity, that, time does not ‘slow down’, time is compressed/expanded by the Aether. That all energy flows, and movement itself, is resisted within the Aether at faster speeds ‘through’ the Aether. This also applies to light, that light itself is slowed in frequency and consumed/stretched by the magnetic quantum foam of the Aether. Thus ‘speed’ through the Aether, is a movement through a proto-magnetic based ‘firmament’. The harmonic chaotic attraction and repulsion through the Aether is the force of material hardness. This is the resistance/repulsion factor of the quantum foam, which also maintains an objects speed once attained(inertia), by the same power. Yet the Dark Aether also consumes all energy, thus entropy is the result. But, also, a magnetic field is defined as a vortex of the Aether, that can be caused by aligned and polarized atomic structures, or an electromagnetic coil. Thus, ‘movement’ or speed through space-time, the Aether, can be simulated by a moving magnetic field. The imponderable Aether of GR, can thus be proved by measuring time dilation in a spinning magnetic field.

Thus, the theory or hypothesis is;
Does a moving magnetic field, cause time dilation?

*********The Experiment*******
Thus an apparatus was constructed.
Two digital clocks were synchronized, and confirmed to remain in sync, plus or minus approximately 1 second, for 7 days. One was network synchronized to the atomic reference(the Static reference), the other a free running crystal controlled digital(the DUT, device under test).

A 12vdc motor, with radially attached permanent magnet, (to match the Earth’s magnetic configuration and reduce possible spurious electronic glitches), such that the zero/null point of the magnetic field intersected the stand alone clock which was setup just within the magnetic field. The speed of the motor was ~30k rpm.

Then the experiment was begun…
(all times are taken from the DUT clock.)

After 1 day, the synchronization between clocks began to be obviously affected, with a spurious negative ~2 second advance being registered on the DUT. Time appeared to run faster for a short time, then, the pattern abruptly flipped positive, to a time dilation or delay.

The 2 second difference between the clocks became the floor over 7 days of run time, but after the 2nd day the difference never went over the zero point again. (Remember, previously, the synchronization varied between plus and minus 1 second over 7 days. )

After 1 day, a 1.5 second advance
2 days, a 2.5 second delay.
3 days, a 3+ second delay.
4 days, a 3.5+ second delay.
5 days, a 4+ second delay.
6 days, a 4.5+ second delay.
7 days, a 5+ second delay.

It was obvious, something oddly consistent was happening.

at 86,400 seconds/day at ~1/2 second time dilation per day, we have a potential coupling factor between magnetism and time, of;

5.787037037 037… x e-6
(the infinite 037 series is curious.)

The initial spurious advance and then flip over from advance to delay, was thought to be spurious magnetic influence on the electronics to begin with, but then, the pattern changed to a consistent positive delay(relative time slowing down within the bubble). The explanation became obvious if and only if you accept that the stuff of space has a built in inertial vortex component coupled to the magnetic force, which could also be the basis of hysteresis, and displays a hysterical/chaotic result. Also, that the magnetic hysteresis manifested in coils, has an underlying cause, and that this cause, is coupled to magnetic fields, and, time. (This pattern of tri-coupled forces, dual forces plus a spin coupling(Pi Force), is consistent with space-time and electro-magnetic. Thus, the Unified Field implies; inertial-magnetic and gravito-magnetic.)

This process became more and more consistent over 7 days, when, at the end of the 7 day run, it became obvious, that about a 5.5 second time dilation had occurred. It became obvious, that there is a coupling between magnetism and time, or at least the electronic time keeper. If this is the result of ‘spurious magnetic’ inductions, then why is a consistent slowing of time measured, why not completely spurious and random results?(What we half expected.) If anything, the rotating magnetic field affects the crystal lattice of the crystal in the clock circuit, affecting it at the quantum level and slowing the piezoelectric lattice. In the original SR experiments with atomic clocks and jets, didn’t they also fly through the magnetic field of Earth? So, was it the gravitational field, or, the magnetic field that affected the clocks? OR, are gravity and magnetism coupled at some deeper level?

Question; Can the speed of rotation of the magnetic field affect the rate of time dilation?

-Hyper Relativity and the Unified Field;
Conclusions depend on the observer, naturally, but particle physics has no answers. And, when considered against the new Unified Field theory, the experiment is simply a confirmation of the Aether wind experiment and the Unified Field theory. Matter is dual, and so is energy. The Imponderable Aether becomes more confirmed with every step we take.

-Michelson and Morley assumed incorrectly concerning the ‘luminiferous aether’. They should have rethought their hypothesis, and considered what is the Opposite of Light. Because opposites are necessary for the forming of a dipole, and the dynamic flow of energy. Light, being the ultimate in dynamic flow of energy.

-Maxwell’s magnetic difference equation, could it be more rightly seen as negative infinity instead of Zero? Would this more adequately explain the Lorentz Ether Theory? If then, the 4/3 ratio becomes true, with the 3 being the nature of darkness, and the other part in 4 being the Pi/Causal Spin/God force, giving the added inertial energy to all things? Thus the demon in Maxwell’s demon, is really the Voice of God? If the magnetic darkness is given infinite depth of consumption versus infinite light, is the underlying stress of space-time, the result?

-Einstein created antinomies, an antinomy is something both partially correct and incorrect. Thus the partially correct and incorrect theories of special and general relativity, hinge on the nature of the substance of space-time, energy AND matter itself. SR being incorrect in the assertion that you can get something from nothing, GR being incorrect in the ‘imponderable’ aether, and, now, the shape of the gravity ‘well’ being a vortex dynamic at several levels of energy/spin coupling, not a simple linear compression dimple or ‘well’ in space-time. Gravity is a duality, a chaotic mixing, and itself could be more accurately termed; a magneto-gravitic vortex.

-Does this explain the errors in the Voyager and Pioneer space probes, that have gone off course?, and the newest observations of ‘magnetic bubbles’ at the edge of the solar system? The only way this could happen, is if the Imponderable Aether, is the basis of the magnetic force and also imparts a helical(spin) component… and is no longer ‘imponderable’.

The Aether, is literally the Firmament of Waters of reality(as told by Enoch AND Genesis). It is the pond, that the waves that comprise everything travel upon. It is the unification mechanism, and the basis of the Oneness of everything in both the physical and metaphysical contexts, energy, matter and even consciousness links have been proven. This is why you ‘feel’ someone watching you, if you are even slightly sensitive, or pay attention to the ‘energies’ around you. You and the watcher, have a feedback connection between souls through the Dark Aether and the Holy Light.

Time, was the function or power of the First Begotten Son, according to Enoch. That, a ‘Great Age’ came forth from the Father and Holy Light Mother. Thus, time, is the connection between light and darkness. Time lag, drag, or hysteresis, is the resulting phenomena of the Waters of the Firmament, that we call space-time, and this water is sticky. Gravity and Magnetism, or gravito-magnetism is a primary component of the Aether, proven by the passage of time, that mirrors the electro-magnetic. It appears, as always, dual forces acting together in concert with spin, define reality, a Maxwell-Lorentz-Bohm-Einstein-Enoch Unified Field of God reality, not a God particle reality of particle physics.

Yet, my brothers say that I am a demon worshiper, a sorcerer, a Luciferian, because of this New Revelation of Knowledge coming forth in many men… <sigh>, The Holy Spirit comes upon all men, can you hear the call? Do you have eyes that see?
May The Force be with you.


About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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