The Unified Field of God

“Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?”
But remember: “I didn’t say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth.”
Morpheus (The Matrix)

“Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind”
-Albert Einstein

“All Truth passes thru three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”
– Arthur Schopenhauer

“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.”
Thomas Jefferson


The First book of The Piper,
The Holy Grail.

When Einstein and Enoch become the Nexus of Reality with the Creator.  When reality is seen on the double edged sword that emanates from the mouth of the Lord, at the proper time, where the double edged sword represents TRUTH… meaning that the truth of the Lords teachings would only come out at the end of the appointed time. Some would say , the “Second Coming” of the Knowledge of the Ancients….

“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe , a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty…We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”Albert Einstein

“We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many different languages. The child knows someone must have written those books . It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see a universe marvelously arranges and obeying certain laws, but only dimly understand these laws. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that moves the constellations.” – Albert Einstein


Foundation and Allegory
For thousands of years mankind has asked the questions, Who am I?, Why am I here? What does it all mean? How does it all work? He must ask these questions because he must find some higher meaning to life. Without meaning, life has no purpose, no joy, or no direction. Societies themselves search for meaning in their paradigms of materialistic dreams, that leave them even more empty than before, and they do not understand. How can having a thing, be less joyful than wanting a thing? Without meaning or higher purpose, societies themselves go through cycles of building up, apathy, and tearing down.  People learn, and then people forget. Great visions or ideas take them up the steps to higher culture and learning, and then, something happens, they quit struggling, and become apathetic and complacent, and then they tire of comfort, and then they go mad, destroy it all and start over. Through all time it becomes obvious, that men need the highest questions of absolute truth answered, it is inherent in their very souls. But, there is a dichotomy, because it is also the thing they fear the most and fight against the hardest.

Down through the ages of so called civilizations, there have basically been two ‘schools’ of answering these the largest and deepest questions. It has been the quest of untold numbers of men, and the target of ridicule for many more. For every one that says he has found the absolute Truth, there are millions of detractors because of these two schools of thought. One school defines the universe and mankind as a Mystery that can never be solved. The other school attempts to divine clues based on observations and experiments. The Mystery School declares the universe a mysterious creation of a judgmental Creator that is so complex and mysterious that no imperfect man can ever understand… The Magick of God.

So the Mystery school told the stories of a Fallen Man, but where we fell from, and the nature of our Original Sin is always a little fuzzy. The Knowledge School on the other hand declares that the universe is merely a puzzle, and that with enough time and effort, the puzzle can be solved because we were given the power of creative thought. In our time, we know these two schools by the names of Religion for the Mystery school, and Science for the Knowledge school. When these schools meet at the nexus they collectively become the Game of Life in the Relative Illusion of Reality. The Foundations of everything we think we know is hidden in layers of lies, mysteries, illusions, phenomena, myths and fragments of ancient histories wrapped in enigma’s that have become powerful doctrines and opposing philosophies.

The Foundations of modern culture and knowledge are based on this one highest question, and man’s relationship to the sources of Morality and Knowledge, and the underlying mechanisms of Authority and Power over our minds, hearts and lives. How these higher authorities keep society in the perpetual conflict of confusion of the basic meaning of good and evil and the unending defense of the status quo of this conflict. It is the defense of this paradigm of schools, and foundations lacking in Absolute Truth, that leave mankind lost in the realm of a universe where all truths are relative to each other.  These relative truths have become the underlying philosophies of all the institutions of men, from religion and science, to the basic structures of politics, governance, monetary science, all defending their bases of power and influence through the subtle power of relative Truth. Relative truths that gives everyone in the game of material life a modicum of justification and validation that they serve on the side of the angels, no matter which ‘side’ they are on. These battles of wits and language, have been with us for thousands of years, and the only master The Game serves is conflict and confusion, for it is the Game of Life in the Illusion of Reality.

It is only recently that these conundrums of relative confusion have become exposed as the evolution of the knowledge of men, magnified by the collective consciousness of the Internet itself, has overcome the Mystery schools of the institutions, to begin the search anew, for a higher absolute truth that exposes the lies and mysteries of the underlying powers and authorities that seem to control all the systems of the entire world. If looked at in ancient ways, the basic premise of good and evil becomes the core of the question defined in terms of light and dark energies, that manifests as a the basic individual worldview. The extremes of the Left and the Right, become obvious as not just ideologies of politics, but basic philosophies of understanding of the world, how it all works, and underneath we all sense everything is broken into fragmented half truths that not only do not satisfy the basic question they were all created for, but somehow keep us away from the ultimate answers to the ultimate questions.

What is Science? It is the understanding of man, his place in the Universe and how it all works.
What is Religion? It is the understanding of man, his place in the Universe and how it all works.
Do we sense a conflict here? We do, and it has been going on for thousands of years.  The problem of these two schools is that there are intense feelings generated from the clash between them, this clash has been going on for as long as we have had recorded histories. The Mystery school was always more useful to kings and empires, because knowledge is dangerous to authority. So the scientists, what were known as Magi or philosophers in those days were a dangerous element to religious authority, and still are. In those days, this was simply competing mysteries, your mystery vs my mystery, ‘good’ mystery vs ‘bad’ mystery, because back then, as now, there was no proof, no Rosetta stone or deity that made his presence known before all men. There was no Holy Grail, a proof of God, even the Grail became competing myths…

This clash of schools became a war between 2000 and 1600 years ago when somebody named Jesus Christ was born, and became The Messiah. This man came with a very simple message, love your neighbor and he was proclaimed as the Son of The Creator God, with his proof supposedly being in the way of miraculous acts. The only proof of this, are old stories in scriptures. But He had both a public and a private ministry and only the barest fraction of His entire ministry has survived. In his private ministry, he taught his disciples hidden mysteries of how life in the universe was put together, and how it all works. This is seen in ancient texts that were discovered in the 18th and 20th century, these were known as the Nag Hammadi and Enoch texts. These were the Forbidden books, the books kicked out of the Bible, destroyed and declared; Heretic. What these texts reveal, is radically different from the simplified narratives of the Churches and this is why the Churches fight them with an air of desperation and outright vile condemnation.

Scholars study them but have reached no conclusions because they have no Key to the texts, it has become simply another level or layer in the battle between competing religious mysteries. In this case the School of Gnosis vs the School of Orthodoxy. When you add in the competing deities of pagan and eastern schools, the creation AS God, and the No Creator forces of Nothingness, things become even more murky and more relative on the subject of a Creator. Even science plays little part in ultimate understanding due to their own problems of fragmented and incomplete knowledge of a Universe of particles vs a Universe of Energy. Science knows much in the ways of How the Universe works, but cannot answer even the basic question of Why it is like it is, because their touchstones are conflicted, fragmented and inconsistent, the same as religions. Scientists are forbidden from touching ‘metaphysics’, and any who do are ridiculed. Thus mankind is left in a vacuum of competing nonsense against nonsense, fairy tales of ancient histories, and equations that do not compute. Individual man is left between nothing but bad choices, in a bad world, where there are few ultimate answers and the systems and institutions that define life as we know it, always break down into cycles of chaos and collapse, because man himself is conflicted in a relative world of competing theories and theologies.

Civilizations are cyclical not because that is the ‘way it is’, but because that is the way Man is, and how man is connected to other men and the Universe he finds himself in. His is a dual nature, the nature between his higher spirit, and his lower animal, and this defines both the mechanisms and the needs of the two schools of Mystery vs Knowledge because of the conflict between the need for power and control over others or the desire for freedom and joy. Only now in this time of history, have the minds of men become connected together as one, in the first collective consciousness that moves at the speed of light. Only now, in this time, is it becoming possible for the collective minds of men and knowledge to evolve into something that has never been before, something that can finally defeat the powers and authorities of this world of darkness, mystery and lies, controlled by the false ideologies of the powers and authorities of false money that keeps the masses of humanity in the thrall of fear, confusion and the lust for false material wealth, a false wealth that is now seen as the result of their Debt Money that destroys the meaning of life itself; Joy. This is the very essence of the spiritual battle of the ages, over the mind and soul of men, and it is due to the very definition of power over people; money and who controls it also controls the spirits of men through their simplified narratives of religion. This in itself was Jesus’ final battle, the battle in the Temple against the money changers, and the culmination of that battle now becoming a spiritual battle against the forces that control the money, the minds and the souls of mankind.

Is it just time, for these battles to be resolved and these hidden mysteries to be understood? Evidently a higher power than man thinks so because these texts were preserved for this time, being revealed by serendipitous circumstances. Revealed into a time when the basic foundational understandings of the Universe and men, have truly come to the edge of understanding. A time when that basic understanding is seen in both the languages and allegories of men and the language of God. For when dreams and mathematics, resolutions of scientific ‘phenomena’ and modern experiments, prove the stories in old books and come together at the Nexus of science and religion, what can such a thing be, but God’s Science?

Would man behave differently, if he knew, KNEW beyond shadow of a doubt,  there was a Creator God? Would societies be organized differently? Would the Earth and her resources be seen differently in a precarious and chaotic Universe? Would man work together to ensure the survival of the species, instead of the continuing destruction of men and material? Would there be a new stability, a new joy, a time of peace? Do all scriptures speak of such a time? Could the Original Gnosis(Divine Knowledge) taught privately by the Messiah, come and conquer the Mystery of God doctrines(the Babylonian ‘mystery’ school of Orthodoxy), be a form of the second coming that ends The Age of Churches? Would this knowledge be religious, or, scientific, or a combination of both, one that proves the other? If a science was to prove God exists, what then, of religions? Man? Society? Governance? Money? Joy? Family? Cooperation or Competition? Waste of Earths resources? Would man wake up and see the necessity of overcoming the powerful illusions of material existence?

Why does all this matter anyway, its just ancient history, right? Yes, but history, especially ancient history, creates the future, and the future is now, and mankind is left in an even more confused and divided condition than we were two thousand years ago. The Mystery school of Religion is split into hundreds or thousands of denominations, the School of Knowledge has many mysterious phenomena of their own that don’t seem to be solvable. Mankind is left with two bad choices, the choice of a Mystery Creator that can’t be proven, or the choice of no Creator at all. This is destructive to society because society is allowed to turn to immorality because of what Einstein said, religion is incomplete and science doesn’t care. This is because current religious mysteries allow them to be ‘saved’ from their ‘sin’, and scientists say there is no need to worry about being judged in an afterlife because the afterlife is nothing but a fantasy of superstitious men. Materialistic culture, education systems, modern life in all its forms, ridicules any higher power and any philosophy that teaches such ‘anti materialistic heresy’, and those who teach the religious heresy, simply have no proof. It is now seen that faith is a thing of mystery, not knowledge, and knowledge is a more powerful force than superstition, especially in a time of increased knowledge. Even the Bible says this time of increased knowledge would come, it is here, and it is a spiritual evolution, an event of knowledge overcoming old mystery, for a generation tired of old illusions, lies and the cold materialistic propaganda of The Authorities of all stripes.

Religion is stuck in two thousand year old mysteries, and science is spending billions on the race to prove there is no Creator. The last generations have proven this thesis in new generations that leave the broken churches and science leaves them with no answers to the largest questions of life, morality and afterlife. Thus mankind has lost its Vision, no higher spiritual basis except faith and lack of faith justifying evil because of the Mystery free pass to paradise or lack thereof, both lead to the same place; evil is justified by God or lack of a God. After generations of materialistic focus, man and society either turn towards something more spiritual or turn towards base desires. Society itself now begins to crumble in the immorality of a world of mystery and lies, because immorality is self reinforcing from man to man on the society once the systems of individual progress and sustenance break down on the altar of false bankers money, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, desperation breaks out all over. Monkey see, monkey do, ‘everybody does it’. (This is referred to as ‘The Red Queen problem’ in economics, where inflation causes everyone to run faster and faster, just to stay in one place. This is at the bottom, a problem of knowledge, religions, spiritual focus, and a top down hierarchy that preaches materialistic dreams, from the banks to the lowest worker bee. The false ideologies of Capitalism, and Collectivism, the two legs of Daniels statue of Nebuchadnezzar, end up the same way, a few guys own everything, and pronounce themselves Boss. This cannot be overcome by ‘old think’, old thinking, is the history of the world.)

The history of the last two thousand years, should be sufficient proof that broken philosophies of life without proof of a higher power, lead to broken joyless societies, subservient to the money powers.At the bottom of everything, life becomes a materialistic game because money is the water of life, and civilization it has been said, is merely a thin veneer of laws over the animal man. This cycle never fails, because the Phoenix always rises from the ashes, the money power always reasserts its control, and in the end, ends up owning all things again. In order for man, and mankind, to turn towards a new place, then, a new way of thinking must come about, and this new Way, must, come from a direct, or provable Knowledge of God, that conquers the old Mystery of God, and all its divisions, dogmas, doctrines, and free passes to paradise.

Mankind must unite, in order to survive long term in a chaotic Universe. We must learn to cooperate and not compete. We must learn to husband resources not dispose of them in landfills. We must learn to think about the future generations, not simply shrug our shoulders and look at the quarterly balance sheet. We must combine the old ways, and new ways, in order to find The Way forward, and at the bottom, is the foundation of the Grail of God. But, it will not happen haphazardly, or serendipitously, it must be consciously. It may mean, that the Good and Faithful servants, must leave Earth, as it says in the book of Revelations. The only way this happens, is if those people know the true secret of the Universe… a Holy Joke on evil.

At the most fundamental level of understanding the universe, there is no real difference between modern man and the ancient Greeks when Plato talked about The Aether being the delineation point of the Universe, and about the Allegory of the Cave in his work The Republic to illustrate “our nature in its education and want of education”.  All too many of us, especially those in power, WANT ignorance and the appearance of education. As we said, knowledge is dangerous.

The Allegory of the Cave was Plato’s way of  explaining the Theory of Forms, as the reality we inhabit, and how it is all put together. In it he describes us all as prisoners chained in a cave, such that we are only allowed to look at one wall. Behind us, a great fire burns, and a small exit to the Sun light outside gives a fuzzy dim light to the wall. In front of the fire is a parapet or bridge, where the puppeteers cast shadows on the wall. In this cave, the prisoners are unable to turn their heads, all they see is the fuzzy shadows. Thus the shadows are their reality, and he suggests the prisoners would take the shadows to be real things and the echoes to be real sounds created by the shadows, not just reflections of reality, since they are all they had ever seen or heard.

The prisoners would praise as clever, whoever could best guess which shadow would come next, as someone who understood the nature of the world, and the whole of their society would depend on the shadows on the wall.  Such prisoners would mistake the shadows for reality. They would think the illusions on the wall were real; they would know nothing of the real causes of the shadows. Through a long philosophical discourse, he explains that The Forms and the Names we use for things, are in fact, not what they are in Reality, and that our perceptions are limited based on biological human sensory organs that are designed to work within this reality. In Plato’s reality, the forms of the shadows are based on the true forms, or the power behind reality that give shape and substance to everything, in short, that there is a higher cause for the effect of the Universe. This was Plato’s Theory of Everything, and compared to other ancient books from Enoch, combined with the more modern work of Einstein’s relativity theories, we now come full circle to Plato’s cave. For it is in the allegory of the cave and the most ancient of texts that we see all the problems of man, society and civilizations, wrapped up in the simple question; Is there a God? And the only viable solution, to ascend out of the cave into the Light.

Plato’s Cave

The Nexus
What is the Holy Grail, The Theory of Everything, the Unified Field? Why hasn’t it ever been found?  The Truth is, it has been around forever, hidden in the garbage can of the mainstream of Religion and ignored by science. It was thought lost because it was buried within a ‘Forbidden’ book of the Roman Catholics. It was hidden in the ancient eastern philosophies of Buddha, the metaphors of Yin, Yang and the Tao of creation, and in the Hindu Gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The Truth of Everything is about Energy, the Architecture of the Universe, and that we are all dual energy beings in a Created Universe. That God, specifically the nonjudgmental God of Forces in the Book of Daniel, is the basis of reality. Proof of the Unified Field gives the Proof of God as the Causal spin force at the basic atomic level.  The Fingerprint of God is revealed in the simplest mysteries forgotten by science. Specifically, the ancient mystery of the Rocks, and how big rocks always rise above little rocks, a phenomenon of science that has always had an element of impossibility surrounding it. But this mystery had a solution, and was given by an epiphany, that revealed the ultimate fingerprint of God on reality, in ancient symbols proven with modern math.

Within this symbol is the secret to the Universe. The Holy Spirit and The Imp of Darkness, come together IN the Zero (point). It was followed by an image of a crystal, in between the electrical and the magnetic forces, but the thing that was important was not the crystal, but the angle of the facet (the angle of the invisible tangential connection between the forces). The Piper had sought this knowledge for 40 years, collecting dots from the historical garbage of science and religion, to find Einstein’s Grand Unified Theory and the Proof of God for religion, as the Holy Grail of both. It is something that lies in the nexus of both, because it took both science and religion to deliver what is partially composed of each, in order to settle the ancient battle between the two. It is a  Hyper physics of absolute truth of an energy based reality that comes from outside space and time, what the religions call Spirit. The Grail is the loving Revenge of the Heretics upon the Catholic zealots who thought they had destroyed the knowledge of dark energy in the ‘Forbidden’ books they burned long ago. But it appears the Creator had other ideas, and preserved the most important books for this time. This symbol is the thing that reveals, and proves, the Aether of Plato is the Aether of Einstein’s General Relativity in the allegory of the cave, and that the shadows of our reality represent images of the intelligent designer in an electromagnetic universe. It is also the thing that revealed the nature of that Aether, it is the underlying dark energy of reality that manifests the dark forces of magnetism, gravity, inertia and entropy, in a full manifestation of a Unified Field theory that begins with the ultimate mathematical proof of God’s universal presence.

The Destruction of Knowledge
The Heretic’s were the original Scientists and Philosophers, The Magi, the Gnostics. The Magi were the ones who considered themselves the Keepers of the Flame of the Holy Fire of the Ancient Triad of the Forces that held the Universe together. The Mystery School of Rome created the greatest crime in history by destroying the ‘Gnosis’ of Jesus and the ancients and corrupting The Word with some personal letters of Paul the Apostle, a man who never studied with Jesus, in their zeal to appease their Emperor Constantine. They then murdered the Heretic’s and destroyed the Ancient Knowledge that was proof of their evil deed, books that were in direct conflict with the New Narrative of the New Trinity Mystery Religion of Rome.  They took the Ancient Triad of Forces revealed in the book of secrets of Enoch, and hid the dark force of the Imp of Darkness and replaced it with a new boogeyman named Satan. They converted the nature of the Universe from Cause and Effect, to Crime and Punishment, which filled all men with fear and superstition, especially fear of the church. This made their Architecture of the Universe useful for nothing but converting followers by the power of fear. The Roman church was the direct cause of the Dark ages, and the destruction of knowledge. Is it any wonder that men of science despise religion and their God?

The Preachers of the Churches, say that “God is in all things” or the Holy Spirit is in all things, but when presented with proof in The Grail, they scoff, the Deception of the Church of Mystery being complete.  They want no proof of God, they want Faith in Mystery, and argument and division over dots and tittles of their different versions of holy writ. When the Scientists see this new Unified field proof of God, they scoff and laugh, since they are determined to invent God as a Particle and put “your God in His grave.”(yet they do not tell the people this). But, not all scientists believe in the god particle, and most normal people are left in between knowledge and mystery and even science does not have one unified proof or message.

Science is not One
Science is divided into two schools, the particle school and the wave/string school. Those who believe that an UnGod will be found in the God Particle, and those who believe that it will be an energy theory. Here is what the current state of being is, it is a Mystery to all concerned because there is no proof of everything. Science thinks we are all sitting inside ‘The Great Nothing’, and that everything, the ‘something’ of the Universe, happened from nothing in the Big Bang. This violates the first tenants of science, that you cannot get something from nothing, but they are not deterred by this inconsistency, and their great mistake is in ignoring the basic law of cause and effect. A mistake that began with the most famous ‘failed’ experiment in history, The Michelson-Morley experiment. The mistake being a bad assumption on the part of Michelson and Morley, the assumption of a Luminiferous Ether, when instead they should have considered a dark ether. But this delivered the Special Relativity of Einstein, which predicted the atom bomb, and it was then dropped into the dustbin of useless knowledge because the particle school took over the money of science. It is not so much that there are no particles, it is the internal structure of those particles and how they are formed and bound into atoms that is the ultimate question. But the first question, is the nature of space and especially; time.

Aeons of Relative Time
The ancient word Hypostasis means The Reality, the hyper cosmogony is the realm of hyperspace, or in the Gnostic texts is called; The First Mystery that contains the Aeons, or Ages. The root meaning of this is in the definition of time. Hyper time is not ‘normal’ time, which is relative time. Relative time came to us from the work of Einstein in his 1905 work; Special Relativity. This is the concept that time and space is all relative to the speed of Light in a vacuum.  This is what limits the waves of light to travel through the Universe at a maximum speed of C, 186,282 miles per second. The truest concept of special relativity is the relationship between light and matter, where time is all variable or relative to all other matter when measured against the anchor of the speed of light.

Thus a single photon emitted from a star, travels to our eye at the speed of light. Now, for the photon, almost no time has elapsed from point of emission to the point of reception, from the star to your eye. But, our minds ‘know’, that it could have taken hundreds to millions or even billions of years for that single photonic wave of light to be seen by our eye or a telescope. Experiments have proven special relativity, and the fact that time slows down or speeds up depending on the speed of travel. This has been measured using atomic clocks and jets traveling at high speed both east and west, and there is a difference measured against clocks that stand still on the ground. So this Proves that Einstein was right about time, if that is true, then the other half of special relativity must be true as well. But there was, and is, a flaw.

The other half of special relativity is that all matter is built from energy, this was proven in 1945 in the desert of New Mexico, interestingly, at a test location known as the Trinity site. This is when the first atom bomb test was detonated. When the bomb went off, a few pounds of radioactive matter was converted into the light of a thousand suns in an instant of time. This proved that matter is as Einstein said; “frozen energy”, and that pure energy was; Light. But most people don’t understand that this was only half of the energy equation. The other half is what actually causes that light to be ‘frozen’ or ‘bound’ into atoms. This has been the search of physicists since that first atomic bomb explosion. As we said, Special Relativity was a direct result of a the most famous ‘failed’ experiment in history, the Michelson-Morley experiment that ‘proved’ that there was no ‘Luminiferous Aether’. The experiment was a failure not just in its lack of observations, but in its conclusions it became a greater mistake, because the question was never asked, what if their assumption was wrong, and the aether was not light, but dark?  But dark energy was unheard of in those days, so it was left to Einstein to prove the foundations of matter and time, in space-time, lie strictly in energy. The concept of an Aether was dropped, and thought unnecessary. The necessity of dark energy came later in something called Quantum Mechanics, the physics of atomic particles.

In 1920, Einstein had to renounce the non Aethereal Universe, because his new General Relativity required an Aether for space-time to function properly, and light propagation required it too. Like waves on a pond, the pond being the Aether. But, it was considered an imponderable thing, here is Einstein’s address in 1920;

Aether and the Theory of Relativity
by Albert Einstein, PhD
Address delivered on May 5th, 1920, at the University of Leyden in the Netherlands.
“Recapitulating, we may say that according to the General Theory of Relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an Aether. According to the General Theory of Relativity space without Aether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this Aether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it.”

Michelson and Morley had attempted to measure the aether, by measuring its effect of motion upon light. But if the aether is the medium which propagates the light, then it cannot be seen to have any motion, simple. Like the waves in the pond. The pond doesn’t go anywhere, the waves merely travel on its surface. The concept of an Aether, therefore, was required for space-time to FUNCTION according to General Relativity, and this was not in conflict with the tenants of Special Relativity. If one is wise, then you will see, that Einstein had laid out a general theory of Light energy, and a general theory of Matter and gravity, however they were not compatible in being interchangeable because there was nothing to measure in between the two, the Aether was ‘imponderable’. This became Einsteins great quest, the search for the Unified Field, the single equation that would define both energy and matter, which WERE interchangeable. But, did Michelson, Morley and Einstein miss something that was right in front of them?

Unified Failure
Einstein’s great quest was for the Unified Field that would unify special and general relativity, as he tried to prove the “mind of God”. He searched for a simple or not so simple equation that would prove how energy is bound into atoms. He was convinced that the true underlying architecture of the Universe lay in the simplest concepts, and he was right. But the underlying problem with Einstein’s approach lay in the end result, the understanding of the Mind of God. The closer science came to understanding the underlying energy architecture, the closer to the throne of God they came. (Would Einstein have succeeded, if the concept of two primal energies had not been destroyed by the Catholics? Would science and mankind not have been set back a thousand years or more, if they had not destroyed the Heretics and the Great Libraries? This question must be asked, because Einstein should have found it if he had the correct ‘energy model’ available to him, but this ‘model’ of the dark energy had been destroyed over a thousand years before.)

Quantum Mechanics
The physicists of the 20th century began to understand that the Light, had to be ‘bound’ together in the atom by two things, something called Dark energy and something that causes the energies to spin together into a ‘bound’ condition we call; The Quantum that builds the Atom. But they could not accept the path to the ultimate comprehension of reality lies in the understanding of where the continuous flow of energy comes from to power the particles, so they invented the concept of a ‘God Particle’ or The Higgs boson. It is something that gives both the dark energy and the spin to bind up the Light into a ‘frozen’ atom by bypassing the whole ‘god thing’. This is merely the result of the arrogance of men and pay back for Rome. But, they refused to back up and re-investigate what was already ‘known’, it is inconvenient to do so, because the purpose of the god particle is to save the standard model of quantum mechanics, to do otherwise would lead them back to Einstein’s path to know the source of the energy of the atom that leads directly to ‘the mind of God’…

Also around this time of the early 20th century, another great mistake was committed, the Stern–Gerlach experiment discovered that the Spin of particles, was faster than light speed, something they thought was an ‘impossible’ mistake because of Einstein’s special relativity that says nothing can travel faster than light. So from that time forward, the concept of spin has been corrected or ‘normalized’ for the purposes of quantum mechanical calculations, they simply reduced the numbers from infinity to something ‘usable’. This mathematical trick should be a clue to their mistake, but it is a useful trick when trying to accomplish quantum engineering.

But there was no mistake in the original observations, for the spin of the particles were faster than light, or at hyper speed. It was a great mistake to interpret spin in the context of special relativity, because special relativity is the fundamental operating principle of an object or energy moving across space time, not the underlying structure of space time itself, the Aether. When they did this, they took the last step towards severing the concept of Cause and Effect. That the Causal spin force of atoms, is hyper-spin, faster than light speed, and does not violate special relativity because it is the mechanism of space-time itself, the underlying structure that causes the limit to light speed. This fact is revealed by another mystery of science called; Quantum Entanglement. The phenomena that all particles are somehow ‘connected’ to all other particles in space-time, and this entanglement takes place faster than light speed.

The ZPE and Free Energy
The Zero Point Energy field was postulated in 2007 by Michael Mackey and Christian Beck. It was the zero point of absolute zero temperature in space, and there was still a measurable energy present. It has been calculated that there is enough energy in a cubic foot of space, to power anything on the planet. This is Einstein’s Aether in action, what the quantum mechanics people call virtual particles which is evidenced by the vacuum potential. They are virtual because these particles are popping in and out of existence constantly, you could think of it as a quantum foam, but there is no underlying mechanism for them, until you begin to think in terms of an Aether that is held under the energy potentials of positive and negative infinity.

When you think in terms of an Aether, then you have to come back to the concept of potentials and dipoles, the basic thing that causes electricity to flow. A magnet and a battery are two examples of dipoles, positive and negative close together, causing a potential difference, that causes the electricity to flow, but the question then becomes, is the electric current a wave riding on a pond of aether or a particle flowing in a wire? Well, even the quantum physicists admit that electrons are not quite all ‘there’, they are not hard, but fuzzy, you can consider them like a cloud of photons, which, are nothing but ‘bound’ light waves… and here is where the scientist themselves split. Into the wave school and the particle school. They cannot agree, and never will until somebody, comes up with a Unified Field equation or proof. Unfortunately, to provide a Unified Field equation, it is a side effect that the Source of the energy flow that powers everything must be proved, and this leads directly outside space and time, and that leads directly to an Intelligent Designer whether you wish to call Him God or whatever.

Forces and particles
When you stop to consider that our Universe is constructed of both, what appears to be, energy and matter, and that matter and energy are interchangeable, proven by Einstein, then everything is composed of energy. But, where does the energy come from? You see, the smaller the particle size you get, the less within ‘reality’ you are. Particles themselves seem to be nothing but smaller particles within great empty spaces of spinning energy. So the smaller the particle you get to, eventually you must cross from the material universe into ‘some other’ universe. This was the great conundrum. Also, the particle guys get all the money, and still cannot prove that the forces of magnetism or gravity are caused by particles. They never will because these are forces.

And here is the point where the Aether comes in as being the most important concept to understand, it is the pond that the virtual particles pop out of and back into, it is the outer substance of the particles themselves, like the waves across the pond are composed of water. Think of boiling water and you see what the Aether is. Thus, the Force of the Aether, propagates the Light and becomes the surface of the particles, that binds the Light, which means, the Aether is Dark or unseen, and is the opposite, or consumer, of the Light. But then, where does the Light come from, and for that matter, where does the Aether come from?

This is why the physicists invented a ‘God particle’, to complete their standard model of the surface illusion of reality (the wall of the cave) and save themselves from having to admit that there is a Creator and a source of the Light and a Dark. They don’t care about the binding of the energy flow of the ZPE energy that is present in everything or the source of the energies in a satisfying philosophical exposition, only a mathematical formulation that is useful for manipulation of matter and energy. They cannot bring themselves to admit that the Religious school is right about anything. But Einsteins proof of an energy reality, says the god particle cannot be, because particles themselves are the Surface Illusion. Einstein even validates the religious school because things of spirit can not possibly be built of particles, spirit is force and energy, of a higher nature. Thus Einstein had to be disconnected from the status quo of science, a great mistake.

Disconnected realities
In the following chart you will see the disconnected reality of Einstein’s relativities sit off to the side in disconnected bubbles as side theories. Your entire Universe is sitting as a dot at the Zero point, with the many infinities of Quantum mechanics spewing out from their measurement calculations.  For Quantum Mechanics to be useful remember, they must ‘normalize’ everything to fit their idea of a measurable Something from Nothing. You will notice also the Trinity of Rome sitting off at the edge of the Great Nothing, useless for calculation purposes. (But it was designed that way from the beginning.) This is the Standard Model of current theory. You will also notice that Pi, a fundamental constant of the cycles of the Universe, is just hanging out there without Cause. This chart is the amalgam of their combined realities, that should be a splinter in their minds, that something is fundamentally broken with their unproven ‘theories’. In between the quantum mechanics and the Trinity are the lines of MYSTERY,, no real connections, just implications of cause by the religious, rejected by the non religious.

The Ancient Triad of Forces
The next chart is the Ancient Triad of Forces of Enoch and The Gnostic philosophers, modeled with the math of Einstein’s relativities combined. This is the vector model for the Einstein-Enoch Equation, the Unified Field, the Holy Grail of Science and Religion, that is revealed in the three primal forces of the Universe, shown as Prime 3 or ‘3. The Ancient Trinity or Triad of Forces, of Enoch and Daniel, long forgotten, and once thought destroyed.  Here is the Knowledge of God revealed to Enoch, the God of Forces of Daniel 11, an energy string theory of God. Look upon that which was destroyed and thought forgotten. (We include an excerpt from the ‘Forbidden’ book, the Book of the Secrets of Enoch, below.)

The Unified Field of God

The Unified Field of God

What you see is the Forces of the Light of the Holy Spirit(The Adoil) that was called the Holy Fire or the Watery Light of the Ancients. What Enoch called “the light that cannot be perceived”. This is the Light or Electric Force, emanating against The Dark consuming force of the Imp(named Archa),  and to make Creation, the Voice of God then speaks across the flowing Forces of Energy to create Helical SPIN upon the FLOW of the Primal energies, this creates Quantum Vortexes in the Zero Point. All Things come  from this Quantum Foam, (The Waters or Firmament of Chaos over The Bottomless Pit) from photonic light to the Solar systems that make up Great Spiral Galaxies of the Universe and finally the burnt out non-chaotic black holes of subspace, and show that gravity, inertia and entropy are symptoms of the Dark Aether, and that gravity itself is the inertial pressure of repulsion of the quantum foam as a chaotic spiral vortex. The necessary Aether of Einstein’s General Relativity, is the Knowledge that this Aether is the Progenitor force that is in opposition to the Electric force of the Light. Thus this chart above shows the electric being consumed by the magnetic, positive infinity in opposition to negative infinity that creates the great flow of energy that powers the Universe(s).

These forces are all brought together, integrated from the Special and General Relativity of Einstein, with the architecture of the energies of Enoch, into One equation. The forces of light and dark, meet in the middle, and the God Tangent force, or voice of God, spins those energies into the Quantum, the Yin Yang, the Quantum Foam. This is the underlying structure of the quantum particles that Proves God Must Be, in order for the Universe to Exist.  When the Infinities of all the energies and the Intelligence of the Creator and his delegated power is added together, we arrive at the Entanglement of the Infinities(Quantum Entanglement), which when manifested at the angle of 1 Radian, Pi is produced as the primary constant of Creation, as the wave/curl function of Faraday’s and Maxwell’s Tangent force, and overlaid on that, is the Fibonacci constants of the Voice of God that when all are combined at the energy consuming Aether(The Zimp), manifests as Everything that exists.

When the helical Yin-Yang-Tao energy is combined with the Entanglement of the Infinities, the hyper pattern of cause of the Double Helix of the DNA molecule, life, results, and this energy flow is designed to increase complexity in the Universe, which is the definition of Evolution. Thus the Universe is designed to create Evolution. It is where this design for life comes from that is even more interesting, as the greatest message of the ‘Forbidden’ Gnosis, the cosmic dramas of the emanations of delegated powers and patterns that go beyond the simplified trinity of current religions, that is the Root of  the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that is manifested quite logically, through the function of the infinite data within Pi and the Medicine wheel.

When the Grail is understood, reality is proven in the context of Plato’s cave, and the allegorical treatment proves, that the Universe should be alive, everywhere. Thus we have come full circle to combine the ancient knowledge with modern understanding.

The Einstein-Enoch Equation
The above chart is a mathematical graph of the Vector tension of Forces described in the Holy Books of Enoch, recovered from the mires of history. Enoch II, The Book of Secrets, where it is described out of the mouth of the Creator, the Ancient of Days. The following is a short form of the Einstein-Enoch Equation, do not be put off by the math, ultimately it is the simplest of concepts. To give a simple description to the basic equation, imagine (or even try it!), a string that you are holding in your hand… it is hanging down by the force of gravity. Now, blow down and across the bottom of the string at a down angle of approximately 52 degrees… when you get the force of pressure just right, you will notice something happen… the string, instead of bouncing around in the flow of air, will settle down to a pattern, a helix. In the chart above, the two vector forces of H and I represent the string ‘force’ hanging over the gravity ‘force’, connecting them together under ‘tension’. Gravity ‘consumes’ the string by pulling against it, or it would, if the strings were composed of the Watery Light of the Ancients.

Thus the Einstein-Enoch Equation, is a string theory equation of God, proven by experiments and elimination of mysterious phenomena of physics, which we provide proof of below;


‘3 = ‘3c    (Rcf  GTm)

‘3 = Prime 3, The Ancient Triad/Trinity of the Primal Forces

definition; (Energy flow limit at area dimension)  (Relativity coupling factor, angular momentum/curl/spin dimension)

= (Light + Dark energy tension times limit c)of(ZimpVolumeArea)  ( Relative chaos coupling factor  times  Causal Spin Force constant(God Tangent))

This is the simplest derivation, the practical use of the equation requires the usage of the component parts of the forces, whether solving for energy, normal matter/gravity or super-gravity.

Thus it takes 3 forces to create energy or matter in an electromagnetic Universe; Light = electric, Dark = Magnetic, Curl or Spin = Causal or God Tangent; These forces are diminished or magnified within the Zero point depending on the balance of light vs dark energy, at the dimensional distance of the spin force of the Relativity+Chaos Factor. The smaller the dimension or size, the stronger the binding force becomes. The forces of creation are manifested in the dark energy or Magnetic Aether. Particles are the illusion, the hardness of matters results from the repulsion and attraction forces that are the result of magnetic repulsion and attraction. There are no real particles, only forces, those forces and limits are;

H     =  Hyper Light = Electric force

I       =  Hyper Dark = Magnetic Aether

c      = Light speed = speed limit of transfer of energy in the Zimp

GTm = God Tangent Mass Density = Maxwell’s ‘Curl’, or Faraday’s Tangent = Gravitic precession = Frame dragging of GR = Causal Spin force

Za      = Zimp area volume

Zimp = Znidarsic Impedance = energy consumption limits of magnetic Aether = results in Quantum foam of space time = sticky soup of magnetic bubbles = ‘elastic limit’ or energy transfer impedance (speed of energy transfer/consumption as shown by special relativity.)

Thus combined, it predicts the internal structure of energy and ‘particles’, that derive to;

= Maxwell’s equations, that show the underlying ‘curl’ factor of electricity and magnetism, as well as the general truism of energy flows, that magnetic fields must always reduce to a difference of Zero. There can be no ‘flow’ of magnetic energy, it is constant in space. It is a transducer of the electric force, it is intensified by electric flow, electric flow is caused by magnetic movement, but, magnetism itself, is, an Aetherial substance that is constant everywhere at all times. This is a validation and confirmation of Einstein’s Aether of General Relativity, and a substantiating proof of the Grail’s link between the two disparate theories of energy and matter. Special Relativity is then simply the relationship of energy, matter and Time.

=Bohm wave equations and hidden variable of ‘quantum potential’.

= That; TheWave-Particle Duality results from;

= The Quantum Vortex (compressed vortexes, that expand and contract, the Yin-Yang-Tao symbol)

= Which is the Cause of Chaos Theory and the ‘random’ patterns seen in all things of the Universe.

= and causes chaotic vortex bubbles = Universal Quantum foam pressure = Virtual ‘particles’ = Dirac sea = gravity = inertia = entropy

=  Everything from photon quantum to atoms to solar systems to galaxy structures to black holes

Now, scripture says that time with God is a mystery, that “a thousand years is as a day, and a day is as a thousand years”. Well, isn’t this a perfect description of Einstein’s special relativity? So then we take special relativity, and simply extend it outside the Universe into the Hyper spacial realm, the Source of Light, which gives Hyper Relativity, or, the source of energy for Spiritual Relativity;

Hyper time = God’s Time =

+Infinity(Holy Spirit energy) +  -Infinity(Imp consumption energy) = 0 = Zero point = Za = Zimp Area = space time = Dark Magnetic Aether

= All linear (Zimp) times compressed to 0, Hyper time is all relative time at one compressed instant

= Hyper Relativity

= special relativity * Infinity

History and evidence
When these forces are combined, we then see that the Bohr atom of particles is no more, and it is replaced by the Polarized Quantum Vortexes, that can generate magnetic fields by alignment, polarity, attraction and repulsion, gravity, inertia and entropy, as One result of the magnetic ether. The Ancient Chinese had the idea but looked at it in two dimensions, it may be familiar to many, the Yin Yang is the Quantum Vortex. Half of Light energy, half of Dark energy, the electric and the magnetic, intertwined and spinning at Hyper light speed. This invisible Causal force is what the Ancient Chinese called, The Tao.  The Tao is the God Tangent, the ‘nothing’ in between everything, that causes all things to spin into BEING. This is also called the Shiva, the Vishnu and the Brahma of the Hindus, The producer, consumer and source of Cycles. But some of these ancient philosophies only had a fragment of truth, as they ascribe no intelligence to the Nothing force, it is… by definition; Nothingness. It is only when we combine their knowledge with other ancient knowledge and modern knowledge, that truth comes forth.

James Clerke Maxwell , Lord Kelvin and The Theosophists of the late 19th century defined the atom  as Whorls, that were connected head to tail, quantum vortexes that give the magnetic polarity from the directionality of the holy energy flow, thus the theory of the magnetic monopole particle is vanquished on the altar of God’s science that fully reduce to Maxwell’s Equations in the energy realm;

This is what they called the Universal Primitive Atom, it is nothing more or less than a three dimensional image of the Yin and Yang symbol. Notice how the light and dark are interwoven with each other. This is the perfect structure of what happens when the three forces of the Ancient Triad are combined, whorls, or vortexes that ‘work’ the primal energy flow, just like a cosmic turbine.

When these UPA’s, quantum vortexes, self attach, merge or repulse, they form complete atoms or molecules in different shapes. This is what causes the differing structures of matter, from crystals to fig leafs, to humans. All from one energy model, that creates all things, with a mathematics of God. If it is thought about to any depth, you will see that square crystals cannot grow from round atoms. In the particle school all atoms are round, how can particles hold together with other particles? Because of spin? This should merely cause them to fly apart. The Piper has always had problems with this model of reality.(Besides, it is curious that for quantum mechanics proponents to make it work, all their particles have to have a ‘magnetic moment’ in order to bind together, curious, don’t you think?)

If you still have doubts, look upon a typical noise pattern in an interferometer, this is what science calls; noise.

Can you see the pattern of photon’s, bouncing off other photon’s? Shaped like a quantum vortex? Science says these waves merely add and cancel each other to form the light and dark bands, but if you look at it in a new way, you see the perfect structure in the noise. If there was such a thing as a God particle, then the random behavior would enforce a truly random picture, but that is not what is happening here. We see an element of cause and synchronicity, that causes the photons to synchronize in adding and subtracting their wave components. As if their synchronization were centrally managed by an unseen force…

Enoch II, The Book of Secrets
Now let us look at the original architect of the Universe, and His planned creation, out of His own mouth. This is what God wanted us to know, but religious zealots destroyed. The books were rediscovered in the early 20th century.  This is taken from the ‘Forbidden’ book of Enoch that was thought lost. (Translated by R.H. Charles)

***********************Excerpt from Enoch II, The Book of Secrets********************

2nd Enoch, The Book of Secrets
Chapter 24, XXIV:

1 And the Lord summoned me, and said to me:
Enoch, sit down on my left with Gabriel
2 And I bowed down to the Lord, and the Lord spoke to me:
Enoch, beloved, all (that) you see, all things that are standing finished I tell to you even before the very beginning, all that I created from non-being, and visible (physical) things from invisible (spiritual).
3 Hear, Enoch, and take in these my words, for not to My angels
 have I told my secret, and I have not told them their rise, nor my endless realm, nor have they understood my creating, which I tell you to-day.
4 For before all things were visible (physical), I alone used to go about in the invisible (spiritual) things, like the sun from east to west, and from west to east.
5 But even the sun has peace in itself, while I found no peace, because I was creating all things, and I conceived the thought of placing foundations, and of creating visible (physical) creation.

Chapter 25, XXV
1 I commanded in the very lowest (parts), that visible (physical) things should come down from invisible (spiritual), and Adoil came down very great, and I beheld him, and lo! He had a belly of great light.
2 And I said to him: Become undone, Adoil, and let the visible (physical) (come) out of you.
3 And he came undone, and a great light came out. And I (was) in the midst of the great light, and as there is born light from light, there came forth a great age, and showed all creation, which I had thought to create.
4 And I saw that (it was) good.
5 And I placed for myself a throne, and took my seat on it, and said to the light: Go thence up higher and fix yourself high above the throne, and be A foundation to the highest things.
6 And above the light there is nothing else, and then I bent up and looked up from my throne.

Chapter 26, XXVI
1 And I summoned the very lowest a second time, and said: Let Archas come forth hard, and he came forth hard from the invisible (spiritual).
2 And Archas came forth, hard, heavy, and very red.
3 And I said: Be opened, Archas, and let there be born from you, and he came undone, an age came forth, very great and very dark, bearing the creation of all lower things, and I saw that (it was) good and said to him:
4 Go thence down below, and make yourself firm, and be a foundation for the lower things, and it happened and he went down and fixed himself, and became the foundation for the lower things, and below the darkness there is nothing else.

Chapter 27, XXVII
1 And I commanded that there should be taken from light and darkness, and I said: Be thick, and it became thus, and I spread it out with the light, and it became water, and I spread it out over the darkness, below the light, and then I made firm the waters, that is to say the bottomless, and I made foundation of light around the water, and created seven circles from inside, and imaged (the water) like crystal wet and dry, that is to say like glass, (and) the circumcession of the waters and the other elements, and I showed each one of them its road, and the seven stars each one of them in its heaven, that they go thus, and I saw that it was good.
2 And I separated between light and between darkness, that is to say in the midst of the water hither and thither, and I said to the light, that it should be the day, and to the darkness, that it should be the night, and there was evening and there was morning the first day.

Chapter 28, XXVIII
1 And then I made firm the heavenly circle, and (made) that the lower water which is under heaven collect itself together, into one whole, and that the chaos become dry, and it became so.
2 Out of the waves I created rock hard and big, and from the rock I piled up the dry, and the dry I called earth, and the midst of the earth I called abyss, that is to say the bottomless, I collected the sea in one place and bound it together with a yoke.
3 And I said to the sea: Behold I give you (your) eternal limits, and you shalt not break loose from your component parts.
4 Thus I made fast the firmament. This day I called me the first-created [Sunday].

**********************************End Excerpt********************************
This is the story of Creation right out of the mouth of God, if you can suspend disbelief for an instant, and accept Enoch’s text. (Fragments of it were found in the Dead sea scrolls, so its provenance is well established as older than the old testament.) This is a text that is supposedly thousands upon thousands of years old, yet  provides for all the provable scientific elements one needs to define reality as it is known today. The three components, the Light, the Dark, and Chaos, are the Bipolar Primal Energy to power the Universe and the Chaos to give structure.  The frequencies of the light and dark are hyper luminal, they must be to provide the necessary energy to the form of creation. The Creator was the middleman, the modulator, and the great designer of Bipolar Primal energy flow directed with Chaos.  But the Creator created a ‘lake’ of water, recent evidence points to the fact that the Universe as we know it, is kind of a bubble. What if the lake represents many millions or billions of Universe Bubbles? So spread out, the light from them dissipates long before we can see it? Are we part of a Multiverse, that have only come into existence in Hyper God Time, yet to be, in our time? The mind boggles at the ramifications of God’s Calculus.

If you read the works of Enoch, it becomes obvious, that Genesis was written with Moses’ full knowledge of Enoch, if you read Genesis you notice small references to angels that laid with women, and giants and also to Enoch, but nothing specific enough to wrap your mind around. If you read the writings of Origen, then you see that the purpose of the Canon, was to create a narrative that would ‘sell’ to the masses, not something that was about ‘ultimate truth’, in fact the church fathers rejected philosophy and reason, simply because ‘mystery’ was an easier sell and more useful for control of the masses.   It is known that the Books of Enoch were rejected from the Canon, we now know why. It would have damaged The Narrative of the Canon. This alone should make people wonder about what has been withheld, and continues to be withheld from general western knowledge. At the very least, Enoch deserves a place in the Apocrypha in between the testaments.

It was part of The Crime of The Babylonian ‘Mystery’ Religion, that took over the Church of Rome, and was named Catholic. The Catholic church knew, that Enoch disproved the CoCreatorship of the Messiah, because God laid out that He created the Universes because He was ALONE and “had no peace”. This is the proof of the BLASPHEMY of ROME, when they imposed MYSTERY, and made victims out of the children of God. The Messiah was the co creator but not in the sense of Rome, for they rejected the Knowledge, the Gnosis, which holds above that the Creator created first, and also created a Great Age. This Age, was the Aeon of the Gnosis, the Only Begotten Son, who co created with the Father after the Firmament was laid down. The First Aeon, was the Emanation of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Life, that were the Images, Archetypes, and Hyper Patterns of Life itself.

So through the Entanglement of the Infinities (quantum entanglement), the patterns for DNA were laid down from Hyper space, by a Family of Powers or minor god/angels, the delegated authorities, that had power over ‘form, forethought, ideas, wisdom, etc. But first these things had to be Intended and Emanated. DNA itself is the greatest proof of an intelligent designer, anybody who says a program can write itself, has never written programs, and DNA is nothing more or less than a biological program designed for self replication. If we took a god particle and a million monkeys typing, we could never create anything but a random hash, and certainly nothing approaching the beauty of the creation and life. But there is another secret in this Hyper Universe and Family of God.

Spiritual Relativity
This is the perfection of Universal Redemption, through the Hyper spacial power of relativity upon your spirit half; This we refer to as; the Spiritual Relativity.  Recognized in the Grail as the very structure of the quantum, that; LIGHT = LOVE. All those of light balance in their soul, will be attracted to the light, but there is a power in the intentional loving of the light, and doing works of light, good works; giving. For Sin is the Quantum Entanglement with dark energy; taking. To see this all you have to see is the structure of the quantum itself(above, the whorls), and what you see is the ancient symbol for Nonjudgmental and Universal Love.

Compare this ancient coin, a heart symbol with the picture of the quantum vortex… what do you see?

The very structure and geometry of the Universe is Love = Light. Do good works, quit being entangled by intentions with things of darkness, the love of money is the root of all evil. This is the lesson of Jesus and the rich man, in the Math of Creation. For all men are drawn to the light, but only those with love and have no fear of judgement will go to it. HAVE NO FEAR of judgement is the message of Spiritual Relativity. For the Messiah’s job is to wash you, purge your dark energy, and send you on your way to the higher aeons. But beware, below a threshold of darkness and you will be attracted back into the dark universe, called the bottomless pit at the spiritual level and you must be recycled by being “born again”.

This is what the Pauline Christian’s destroyed and replaced with the concept of good works being ‘optional’, to “sin boldly” yet “believe on Jesus”. This has been the most damaging crime in history, because when the Church destroyed the ‘Heretics’, they destroyed the teachings of Christ and Enoch, and replaced them with the teachings of Paul and mystery. This is why the books of Enoch, Adam, Jasher, the patriarchs, Nag Hammadi Gnostic scriptures and others were labeled as; FORBIDDEN. books worthy of excommunication or death, the other reason was to hide their crime… People, churches, do not kill other people without a reason. The Piper has uncovered the reason, the Grail of Enoch, the Sword of Truth that reveals. Does that also mean Jesus had a wife? Probably, since it was required in Judaism at that time.. Thus its possible that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’s wife, and that is only the second layered myth of the Grail. Dan Brown in Da Vinci code, got very close, as the Grail was hidden in the old books, but finding the Forbidden, and revealing the Hidden Holy of Holies, was a job of 40 years of pounding a sword into a plowshare of old and new knowledge.


A Sword of Truth hidden in the Rocks
So, you don’t do math or science, and don’t understand? That’s ok, its very simple, in fact it is the simplest thing. The following is the mightiest proof of the Piper’s Proof, solving an age old Mysterious phenomena of Physics.  Physicist’s cannot tell you why big rocks, rise up out of little rocks or big Brazil nuts rise out of little nuts, when vibrated or shaken… Why do big rocks come up in a farmers field after a cold winter? Why do rocks of different sizes form layers in the Earth? It was a mystery discarded on the trash heap of physics, thought unsolvable. But, the new Hyper relativity-physics of the God Calculus says it is very simple, when God is added back into the calculation, and is seen IN All THINGS, the preachers are right, and wrong for destroying the proof and replacing it with the doctrine of MYSTERY. The most profound things are found in the simplest things. God lives in the Rocks, not multi billion dollar atom smashers. ;

SCIENTIFIC Implications;

As you see above, if all things are composed of three forces, electric – magnetic – spin, then the density of those forces is important. In the drawing above, the density of Holy Spirit energy is greater in large rocks than the smaller rocks around it. So, relative to the rocks around it, it has more of a holy density bias against the chaos surrounding it. When vibration is set in, it is drawn up and away from the chaos around and below it. In other words, each rock is composed of the 3 energies, not the ‘energy’ of Einstein or the particle physicists. Thus the Holy Spirit energy portion, is more concentrated in the large rock, than the little rocks around it, thus it rises out of ‘chaos’ because is has a larger connection to God. The math predicts this effect, thus a great mysterious phenomena of physics is laid to rest on the altar of God’s Science.

One other note, a recent article has confirmed the presence of a ‘magnetic foam’ (ie Magnetic Quantum Foam we predicted.) at the edge of the solar system, detected by space probes. Here is the original article by National Geographic;

Article on magnetic foam by National Geographic

So this new discovery validates the Pipers thesis…we are all adrift in a magnetic aether of quantum foam which is the Dark energy.

Some other results of the Piper’s Proof of All things, the Einstein-Enoch Equation of the Ancient Triad of Forces.

Proof of God as Causal force– Actually proven by the god particle data of the particle physicists. We predict that the more work they do, the stronger and longer this Ghost will become as it feeds back along the geometry of space time itself.

Proof of a Magnetic Ether, the Michelson-Morley experiment was the most famous “failed” experiment in history. Because it failed to find a “luminiferous ether”. They assumed, that any ether would be of a light based substance, but they did not find anything affecting a light beam split and measured at a distance. Thus they concluded there was no ether of that sort. The Special Relativity of Einstein was a direct result of this failed effort. Einstein proved that all things are energy. But what if the assumptions made were wrong? What if the Ether is not made of Light, but, of invisible Dark magnetic energy? This opposite assumption was the basis for the Gravity wind experiment, which did prove a slight force of magnetic movement from east to west. This proved a split between the forces of Electric and Magnetic and that the magnetic can move independently from the electric, that the magnetic field of Earth is not static but has a dynamic component, it is logical to conclude that the force of gravity is tied to the magnetic Aether …

Proof of the magnetic makeup of a Quantum Foam – Scientists know that MRI works, but how? It means, that every molecule in your body is a magnetic bubble, or else, they would not be aligned by the massive magnetic field of the MRI machine. That is how it works, all the molecules come into alignment, and then they ‘resonate’ the molecules to give off a signal. The old name for this process was NMR, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The ‘Nuclear’ was dropped for purposes of politically correct marketing…Piper was involved with one of the guys doing some research on this in the late 1970’s – 80’s. This is additional evidence along with the interferometer picture, that the basis of reality is a magnetic bubble foam.

Proof of viewings of particle accelerators – All output from particle accelerators, show up as spin vortexes, of differing angular momentum and energy. Now if it were possible, for there to be particles, everything would be like a curve ball in a vacuum. If there is nothing to spin ‘against’, there is no sideways or curving movement. Regardless of spin, if the spinning object does not have anything to touch and thus force it into a curved trajectory, all these experiments would be like the pipers standard model diagram, everything would explode outward in straight lines. But they don’t, they curve, against the magnetic ether, the new Zimp.

Combines Einstein’s Special and General Relativity into a Caused Universe, Einstein would be happy. There are only three primal forces, Light, Dark, and Causal. The Holy Light is the electric force or fire. The Imp Dark force of consumption is magnetic. The God Tangent force, is what causes all things to spin into chaotic material existence.

Gravity and the Voyager & Pioneer ‘problems’ in predicted vs actual paths, results from a vortex gravity field not a linear ‘well’. The Universe is NOT LINEAR, in any way, everything everywhere is based on curves, curls, vortexes, and gravity is merely a magnetic vortex of increasing chaos of the Quantum Foam.

Negative or Anti Gravity is a natural result of the new model. Implementation becomes a money and materials issue.

Hysteresis and EMF ‘kickback’, a cause and solution, The God Coil or Zero Angle coil, is that solution.

Dual slit observer ‘phenomena’, result of the Quantum Foam in the New Model and the feedback from the eyes. Eyes or instruments reflect back into the experiments, in all directions. They could probably measure it if they wanted to. The photon is both collapsed and uncollapsed vortex structure, depending on interference, and the Quantum foam works faster than light, making all elements in the experiment ‘know’ about all the other elements of the experiment, including the observers. They are all ‘ONE’, WHOLE(y), or Holy.

Coffee cup Coriolis ‘phenomena’ result of gravity as a vortex field in space-time.

the Rock or Brazil nut ‘effect’ – displayed above, the negative gravity result from local relative mass-energy-God density.

the wave / particle ‘duality’ A quantum vortex is the internal structure of a ‘particle’ and the transfer impedance of the energies, result of the zero point magnetic ether, and all things being bubbles of dual electric and magnetic energy vortexes causing The Chaos. A thing is a thing, energy is energy and cannot become a ‘particle’ and then like magic, turn back into a wave. Physicists are caught in their own Anti-God trap. This is a good thing.

The Faraday tangential – Result of the God Tangent force reflection wave on the Zimp (Znidarsic Impedance/Zero Point/Magnetic Ether) that demonstrates the geometry of space time.

Pi– necessary result of the 1 Radian angle of the God Tangent and the construction of the Primal vortexes of the Quantum Foam, up through the shape of Galaxies. Everything is built of cycles of Pi. Left handed Chaos is the result. Why do most things rotate or spin or orbit counter clockwise?If the God particle was real, it is supposedly a ‘random’ particle, so spin related events would be seen as a 50% distribution of clock wise and counter clockwise phenomena… but that is not what we observe… what we observe is a central causing force. That causes all things to spin in the same direction.

The Higgs Boson or ‘God particle’ will never be found, because it doesn’t exist, but they may find energy ghost residuals of the God Tangent working as feedback through the transfer impedance. Isn’t it hypocritical, to say, you are creating God in the image you want, for one little tiny bitty thing, instead of revealing Him in ALL things? Is this knowledge, if gained, going to resolve the gravity issue, or a dozen other phenomena? No. But if they do find ‘something’, then try to find out from them, when they will have the theory of Quantum Gravity that reconciles inertia and entropy,  and is consistent with General Relativity, and you will have your answer of how useful it is, other than for generating even more funding. Funding, funding, funding, follow the money, is the name of the game of life.
Anytime you’re dealing with a gazillion volts of energy, wild things happen in every direction, look at lightning..
So the question must be asked, is it worth the money? Would it be better spent building instead of destroying little bits of matter?

Update: Scientists at CERN say they have proved; 99% that the god particle exists, and that they ‘need to do a lot more work’. However when we see their data, what do we see? We see the results of many different experiments, averaged in statistical fashion to show an energy spike, a ghost, a feedback that something ‘might’ be there.  Exactly what the piper predicted… All they did was extract more funding from a Europe that is broke, and their broke money masters that demanded results; now. What they did prove was the Piper’s thesis, the energy spike they saw, was a tangential feedback at the God Tangent.

God is not found in particle accelerators, He lives in Rocks. 100%. No further work required.

Double Helix or the Creation of life, is a 3 dimensional effect of the integration of the infinities of all 3 forces plus the intelligence of God, intelligence or consciousness basically, is a self referencing or infinite loop of energy. The infinity symbol, the Mobius, is a wave that feeds back onto itself, or, is self referencing. This is the basis of the Entanglement of the Infinities. Refer to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil for the structure of the hierarchy of the design family of God.

e=mc2 or special relativity is proven partially flawed. Which proves why big rocks rise above little rocks. If special relativity was totally correct, then mass = energy or energy = mass. If this hold true, then adding energy to a system should increase its mass or weight. The anti gravity research and experiments of many others, prove the opposite. Mass is reduced when energy is added to a physical object, this proves special relativity has a flaw, that flaw is corrected in the God Calculus and thus Hyper space is proven as equal to Spirit ‘space’, they are the same thing. This is the basis for the new gift of Spiritual Relativity.

Oneness through the Light.  Is proven by the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton.  Who have set up atomic random number generators, that were synchronized on a global level a few hours before 911. Indicating a global consciousness ‘event’. This proves that mankind senses the future, together, and are all linked together through one source.  The Light of Hyper space, or the Holy Spirit, is that connection, hyperspace is hypertime, thus all time is compressed into one, and is able to feedback into man.

There you have it, theory and experiment. God’s presence and model of creation,

proven by the ‘Power in a Rock’, with a validation by National Geographic.

RELIGIOUS Implications.

What would be the result of a world, that KNEW The Creator was real, and they KNEW their personal energy fields would live on after they died. A world where they KNEW there were consequences for actions after they died, even if there were no consequences while living. What would their society look like? Would they have a better world, or a worse one? Would they kill each other over a pair of shoes? Would they even have need of churches, or governments? Would the people be unified in purpose, or divided and interest only in their own self interests? Would they care about the resources of their planet, and the legacy to the future generations? Would they live for profits, or stewardship? Would they have need of prisons? Would the ethnic tribes get along, or have conflict? Would their societies and civilization be stable over long periods of time?
So when you ask; What good is a Unified Field of God, ask the other question first, what is the result of the MYSTERY school of God? And the last 2000 years of the history of religions of men will be your best answer. A Revelation of God’s Knowledge that does away with all doubts, all ifs and maybes thrown into the trashbin of history. A society where immorality and division is anathema, a thing of the past? A time of unity when all men “pound their swords into plowshares” cannot be, as long as war is a fear. War and crime will always be a fear as long as men are divided by religions and mystery, self interest and greed. All these qualities of men shall remain on Earth as long as the competing Mysteries of God is the ruling paradigm, and men believe they live in a world of shadows, and everybody lies.

Spiritual Relativity; Light = Love:
The Hyper Relativity is the special construct of “the Light that cannot be perceived”, as Enoch said.  When combined with the obvious content of the structure of the Hyper Holy Light, then, all things are composed of Love.  The Universe was built by the power of Love. Thus the spirit of men, and the love of God, are connected by the Light, this is the Spiritual relativity. The Basis of Universal Redemption power of the Light. Spiritual Relativity is a spiritual evolution of the Gospel of the Messiah, an upgrade for an evolved species of man that has grown beyond the power of Mystery religions. Mystery Religions that are dying because they have no answers. Religions that have slice of light wrapped in the darkness of mens fears.

The Grail of Einstein and Enoch, proves The Gnosis, and the Great Crime of the Catholics, and the Fallacy of Pauline doctrine. The Greatest crime and Blasphemy of all time, the theft of the Gnosis and the Trinity of Enoch, and its replacement with the Trinity of Mystery. The Deification of a Son of Man, to be CoCreator, when the Creator said, He created because He was lonely and “had no peace”. If He was lonely, then there could be no co creation.  The Messiah was the First Son, as co-creator of the Tree of Life,  sent to Earth, as the Elect One. This implies He was elected, or volunteered to sacrifice Himself for us. He was the Greatest of us, and needed no deification, he was already the First One created in the Family of God. His job was to create life and bring The Light closer to the world, to be the Way off the Wheel of Life. The Law of Moses was proof of how perfect man would have to be, in order to achieve perfection enough to go ‘home’ to be with God.  For to break one iota of the law, was to break the entire law. Therefore the Messiah came to COMPLETE the law, or finish it. But he brought a way off the wheel, a narrow path to the light, the way of good works and love. To love thy neighbor as you love God. But there are few who love God, and seek the Light, so a Redeemer was necessary to draw you out of darkness.

When the Catholics destroyed the Church in Jerusalem, and all the other non orthodox Saints, they destroyed the teachings of the Messiah, and replaced them with the more palatable teachings of the Apostle Paul. Although we wonder if Paul knew his private letters would become “the Word of God”.  Basically, Pauline doctrine is; I pledge allegiance to Jesus and there fore I can get away with anything. And they do, as the words of Martin Luther were “sin boldly, yet believe more in Christ”.  They believe that the Messiah is only for those who allege faith in Him, and all others go to hell and burn for eternity.  The poor little Buddhist child that never knew Jesus, dies and is thrust by Jesus into the burning fires. The little baby that dies unbaptized, goes into a state of Limbo, forever? Really? This is a loving and compassionate God? The Bible is split, the doctrines are split and confused between the god of war of Israel and the competing doctrines of Paul and Jesus, no wonder Christianity is broken, divided, arrogant, elitist and exclusive. No wonder people are leaving the church, The Gnosis corrects the errors, the Grail proves it, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil points the Way.

The Piper finally decided enough was enough and renounced protestantism and became Magi, The Revenge of the Heretics, upon Rome and their Crimes and Blasphemy.  They laid a sword of division on the people of God, a sword of Mystery, in a Canon that was constructed and divided for the purpose of controlling men’s minds, by the fear in their hearts. The Ultimate tool of Babylon, the power of fear of hell, to drive the people into “submission to Godly authority”. The ultimate political brainwashing tool. They destroyed the teachings of the Messiah of a Conscience and Consciousness faith by works, and replaced it with mystery and rules and rituals of the Babylonian Mystery school, called Orthodox..

The Grail, is the Gift of the Spirit, the Sword of Truth, drawn from the power in the Rocks. The Truth of Spiritual Relativity, and its Universal redemption by pointing the way to a spiritual evolution. It is the Knowledge of God that shines light on the Mystery of God.  It is the Revelation of the spirit, of the lady with twelve stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Sun, standing on the Moon. It is the New Song of the Piper, that the Mystery of God is finished… It is the restoration of the Messiah to His rightful place on the throne of Earth, the Way, the Truth and the Life, the Light of this World, the Narrow path to the Light.

The message is clear and the math and science is proof. Sin is the Entanglement with Dark energy. Entanglement is quantum entanglement. Your soul is a 7 layered entity of energy, the Chakras, or 7 Heavens, the 7 spirits of God, the 7 Seals that keep reality in separate quantum jump layers. Everything you love of the material existence drags you down into the darkness, because you become entangled with it by your Intentions or Love. If you love self or things more than others, your entanglement is with yourself, and is a magnetic vortex of increasing hardness and density. You become heavier in your spirit half as you love the material. Since you are half magnetic and half light energy, the energies you are attracted to, or attract to you, or release by forgiveness, charity, and love, determines the  color and weight of your very soul. The Gnosis talks about the soul of the animal, this is what you must overcome, your soul of dark energy that encases your light spirit, that connects you to to heaven, always. This is your conscience.

The necessity of being “born again” of the spirit, is the Wheel of Life of the Buddha. The Way off the wheel is enLIGHTenment, to achieve atonement (at one ment) with the Light. The Messiah brought the power of the Holy Light closer to Earth, with the power of the throne of Earth, to wash you in the blood of His sacrifice. This means He intentionally gave up all of His dark energy half, to achieve perfect Light, and is able to draw you out of darkness (like attracts like), wash you of your minor sins(the purging and washing of your ‘dirty linen robe’ ), and send you on your way to a higher reality, Home in the Light. From the Light you came, and to the Light you can return, if you desire. Remember, God was lonely, and wants His Family, The Elohim, to come home. With their experience on Earth, as enrichment for the once sterile and ultimately boring heavens.

The Heavens of Hyper space, are more wondrous than can be described, as pure thought is the ultimate entanglement. Through the Hyper God Time, all times and all places are as One. A soul that attains the highest heaven, experiences pure love and peace beyond mortal words. The process of enlightenment is the shedding of darkness, material cares, the caring for others, the Empathy of Agape, the Love of all living things. And when you arrive Home, you bring the experience of lives with you, to enrich the Heavens, as pure thought is the creation power, you too, can create by thinking. In our fathers house are many mansions. But the journey begins in the highest layer of the Zimp, the Purging layer, that the Messiah gift, the Tunnel of Light, draws you to, and if your light is sufficient, and you have commited no mortal sins that you have not already paid for in reality, then He can ‘judge’ you worthy of the place of Purging. Where your soul has all dark energy removed by the process of positive intention. It may not be pleasant but it is not hell, and it does not last for an Eternity.  This is why it is necessary to do good works, purge yourself of sin in this life, so that you do not have to be washed .. too much. For none of us is perfect, except One, and He earned the right to the throne of Earth, the Way, of the Light at the end of the Tunnel of death.

This is the Majesty of the Grail, Hyper space, but there is also the Horror. The Horror of the Imp of Darkness, and its realm of Subspace. It is a dark realm, the bottomless pit, the Abyss of outer darkness, leading to the Imp of the Lake of Fire that consumes all things, including you. This is the ‘Power of God’ that judges you, not the Intention of God. You judge yourself. If you have fear of the Light, and will not approach it for fear of Judgment, the Grail reveals that you no longer need worry. The Grail reveals the Unconditional Love in the Light, and the Judgment is merely the act of cleaning you, washing you, or returning you back to the Wheel of Life to try again.

The darkness of the outer darkness is the horror, it is the place of ultimate fear and self recrimination, self torture, where your fears and regrets are turned back on you for as long as needed for you to look up to the Light and beg for help. But the only Eternity in the Universe, is the Eternal nature of your energy and the Universes that are constantly being created on the surface of the Firmament above the Bottomless pit. The Firmament is the Middle layer of the Zimp, the Chaos of  Normal space. A black hole is the best analogy to the sub-spacial realm, for it is the manifestation of the subspace energy. It is a place of zero time. It is a place where those who are full of darkness, and deny their own light, ‘burn’ in the consumption power of the Imp, the Second Death in the Lake of Fire that burns forever. The dark negative infinity power of the balance of the energies. The ‘Power of God’ that Judges you. How many are unredeemable? God knows. But if you die, and find yourself in a foggy place, look up to the Light and beg for help. If you find yourself in a place of darkness, full of woe and fear and regrets, tear yourself from yourself, and look up, and beg for help. Find what is left of the love within, and connect to it, and go to the Light, if you are able. If you are not, maintain hope that one day…

The knowledge of the Imp of darkness is raised from the Bottomless pit, the Dragon is vanquished.
The Grail is thus delivered as the Lady of 12 stars clothed in the light of the Sun, and standing on the Moon.
The 12 powers of the Aeons, delivered in The Light, is manifested in the darkness, and Life is created,
thus the Mystery of God is finished…


The Piper plays a New Song,
that the Chorus may sing,
and the People can dance,
and the forests will echo with laughter.

May the Force be with you.

About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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  1. Thanks for information on piper Michael or Michael Piper. Aether Science.


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  4. Jesse says:

    You say that I have a problem with reading comprehension, so let’s do a little sanity check via revision, shall we?

    I AM NOT AN AMERICAN (not even close).



    I DON’T BELIEVE IN ‘FAIRY TALES,’ unless we’re calling God’s Word and SWORD OF TRUTH (The Bible) a ‘fairytale now…?

    I DO NOT ‘WORSHIP’ MONEY nor do I advocate doing so.

    OUR MINISTRY GIVES MOST OF ITS **EARNED** (not donated; we don’t accept donations) PROFITS TO CARE FOR THE POOR ALL OVER THE GLOBE. We educate, medicate, feed, clothe, house, free (those enslaved for various reasons), and otherwise help and protect the needy wherever we can.






    Perhaps my capitalization will aide your own reading comprehension, and it’s easier for me to write in this format, as I’m legally blind (and also in a wheelchair), as you know.

    I cannot support your dismissal of the Holy Spirit-Inspired Word of God, but we covered that many months ago when we first… ahem… ran in to each other.

    I can agree to disagree though, can you? (Rhetorical question; I have nothing further to say on this blog. If you want or need to contact me, Michael, you know how to do so.



    • Your last post is admirable in its heartfelt twisting of words, and lack of comprehension to my original posts.
      I said I was a consulting engineer, I work, I do not live off donations, I just don’t charge as much as most if not all. I get paid to sit on my butt… many people do. My two degrees and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee, because I’m too old. I cannot compete with 20 year old Phd’s from India who will work for peanuts. Your rich buddies did this to the economy of the world, may they all rot in hell, for a little while.
      Your words belie your true nature, it is your way of pious and self righteous unprovable mysteries, or the highway to hell.
      You do not realize that you are a victim of the Sword of Division, the Abomination of desolation set up in the true temple of God, our minds.
      A sword written by Rome, in fulfillment of the Lord’s prophecy, that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Who authors division and confusion, God, or men? Case closed.

      Since you refuse to read the words of Enoch, the Gnosis, or disprove the math, your devotion to mystery is wearing me out. You always forget that you started this by saying I was stupid, that all men are stupid, none, no, not one of us, can understand the Creation. This, is the MYSTERY school of Babylon, codified in the Roman book. Love conquers all, that much is true, but, we must be STUPID AS WELL? Sorry. Wrong answer.

      Good bye, voice of mystery.
      May His Force be with you.


  5. Jesse says:

    All right, Michael; enough is enough.

    I’m not interested in arguing with you; I never was. However, if what we both believe in is GOD, Truth, Love, and yes, reason (I would add obedience, but I doubt that would sit well with you), as well as a life of service to others, rather than serving ‘self,’ these back and forth attempts at discussion would not persuade many, in that they do not make these facts evident.

    It’s not my job to ‘convert’ you, which is what you have said I’m attempting to do. Only GOD can convert people. I would not presume.

    I’m curious as to what you think I’m trying to convert you to though; Roman Catholicism? Protestantism? Why would I attempt to do that when I myself do not adhere to either expression of faith?

    You said that I voted for a man. I did not.

    Yeshua (Jesus) IS not a man and neither is The Father, so my ‘vote’ was never for man’s governance, as I have repeatedly stated (and you have gone out of your way to try to alter what I have said).

    YOU say that I’m a minister. I am not (and never claimed to be). I am merely a missionary and as such have quite a different function within the Body of Christ.

    My books DO NOT advocate making a god out of money – quite the opposite, as your own review clearly testifies to.

    A mandatory vow of poverty is unscriptural, Michael, although I do wish you well with it.

    GOD rewarded (and still rewards) His faithful servants with riches countless times; think of David, Job, Solomon, and, in Jesus’ day, Lazarus. ALL of these faithful men were blessed in **every** way, including being blessed with Earthly riches – riches they chose to use for the good of their fellow man, as I’m sure you know.

    Jesus told the ‘Rich young ruler’ to give up his wealth **solely** because he **worshipped** his wealth… and was unable to walk away from it.

    True servants of God own nothing material that they cannot walk away from (my husband and I have been required to do so several times over the years), and while my present residence is decorated with milk crates, Rubbermaid containers, and an abundance of woven baskets, most of which I picked up for a penny or two here and there, I have not taken a vow of poverty. However, I’ll be the first to concede that we learn much when we have nothing and rely upon YHVH for everything, which ALL of us do anyway, for:

    ‘Even when a person has an abundance, his life does not result from the things he possesses.’ (Jesus Christ.)

    It is ‘GREED’ and ‘COVETOUSNESS’ (again Jesus’ words) that are the problem, not possessions.

    It is not unlike sickness. Sickness and suffering teach us more than a thousand years of good health ever could, but it would serve no one to voluntarily opt to be sick, would it? I view voluntary poverty in precisely the same way.

    Whether rich or ‘poor’, we ALL depend upon GOD for EVERYTHING.

    A word or two about ‘Voluntarily poverty,’ Michael, if I may. Clearly your physical needs are being met, so from where or whom (Whom?) do you draw the measure of wealth (material provisions) you need? Welfare? Charity? Other governmental aid? Or do you, perchance, live off the land? Who pays for your food, clothing, hygienic needs, and your computer and Internet service? Who pays for your phone (if you have one)?

    As you have amply demonstrated, you are in agreement that everything (YHVH notwithstanding) comes from something, so your material goods come to you at someone (Someone?) else’s expense, regardless of how.

    IOW, Michael; what does ‘voluntary poverty’ mean to you? – I’m appealing to the MIND here – y’know – REASON?

    Perhaps you work just enough to meet your basic needs? If so, that is not then poverty, is it?

    Myself, I’ve been both homeless (often) and a millionaire, and neither state makes any difference in the grand scheme of things, but both states taught me much, which I have passed along in the TIME AND UNFORESEEN OCCURRENCE series, which DOES NOT glorify riches, as you said (above) it does – (quite the contrary). I don’t glorify riches, so why would I write **anything** that does?

    About your Mind vs. Heart and Spirit philosophy: When ministering to a human being, one **must** employ REASON, for humans (most of us anyway) are not mindless, but reason can be argued with, perceived differently, and twisted, whereas LOVE is universally recognizable (by the heart and spirit), as is TRUTH. LOVE resonates deep within the hearts and spirits of all people, just as GOD intended.

    When I was young, I used to try to think (REASON) my way through everything, and in the process I learned many facts, but not one iota about LOVE, nor The Father, The Son, or The Holy Spirit and how each One ‘works’ in our lives.

    We can each ‘know’ GOD in the sense that we can have a relationship with Him, but to contend that one can know GOD fully, as in the whole Mind of GOD is absurd. You’re putting GOD into a ‘box,’ Michael, just as the churches do. The Mind of GOD is far too immense for any human to fathom. I used the word ‘incomprehensible’ above. If you believe that you, a mere mortal, can fully know the mind of GOD then you and I will just have to disagree on this point. D’accord?

    I DO NOT and **would **not advocate abandoning reason, which is why my books are FULL of possible and plausible theories that provoke thought about GOD, our fellow humans, and all things good, wrapped up in what is widely considered to be a great story – a ‘landmark’ story, I’m told. The TIME & UNFORESEEN OCCURRENCE seven-novel series reaches many hearts *and* minds – people do not read mindlessly.

    A word about churches and other well-meaning institutions.

    No human being or human-run institution is perfect, Michael, and all make horrendous mistakes and do terrible deeds. There is a difference between our ‘Who’ and our ‘Do’ though, Michael. Most churches DO help where help is needed most in this world, and that I applaud. Many atheistic agencies do good work too, and it is not my station to judge them – nor yours.

    Part of **my** job is to be a ‘fruit’ inspector; as in what kind of ‘fruit’ do I see coming from these institutions and individuals, and my Spirit-led conclusions tell me whether such people and places are ‘bad association’ or ‘good association.’ (I’m sure you know that we must avoid ‘bad association,’ except for the purpose of preaching and teaching (preferably via LIVING) the Gospel of Christ.

    The fruitage of The Holy Spirit, as I’m sure you know, is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, FAITH, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, MILDNESS, PATIENCE, AND SELF-CONTROL, and when I see this kind of ‘fruit ‘I know the Author and Source of it.

    It would take too broad a brush to paint any church as ‘bad’ when the fruitage of The Holy Spirit is evident in many of those who patronize such establishments. Certainly, ALL people and institutions ‘DO EVIL’ as well as produce good ‘fruit,’ but that is why we have forgiveness, n’est pas?

    It is GOD Who will separate the ‘sheep from the goats,’ the ‘wheat from the chaff,’ and the repentant from the unrepentant, for no man can see into the heart of another; GOD does that.

    We both agree that our primary function as sojourners on Earth is to LOVE GOD and LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS with everything in us. I believe it might be best to leave our discourse on this solid foundation for the benefit of those who take the time to read it.

    May God continue to bless and keep you and yours, Michael.

    Yours, surrendering to and trusting in Jesus – Jesse.
    P.S. We can continue to discuss… whatever you want to via e-mail, Michael; just as we used to. I should like that. 🙂


    • Jesse,
      Sigh, you do not read for comprehension when it is other peoples words. How dare you, to tell me to be careful. You have twisted everything I said into a pretzel. I may be a little broad in the brush because of passion, but if the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, then that person knows their own soul. I’m arguing with you, because you say, I CANNOT understand God’s Universe, how dare YOU… I showed you where God GAVE us this knowledge, and you IGNORED IT. Like I said, reading comprehension. I even spelled it out chapter and verse in Enoch, but since it isn’t in your Catholic book of fairy tales, it doesn’t count? Yeah, how dare you.

      There is no use in continuing this, we are talking past one another as I said. And now, you’re lying about the voting thing. Your posts are in conflict, and you’re not even reading your own words. All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good men(or women) to do nothing. Congratulations, you have done well with your all you need is love philosophy. The world is a much better place, thank you. I have been all over the world, and America is a horrible empire spreading filth. Yes, YOU, do good works, but you are an ugly American as far as many of these people feel, because they feel the wrath of your leaders and their money manipulations, their corporate exploitation and their jets. No, I don’t put this on you personally, you should know that, but again, you twist words into some personal specious attack against you. America is composed of good folks, and evil folks, and you know damn well I refer to the spiritual wickedness in high places, the Leadership in this Kabuki theater of the damned. America has turned malevolent, empires usually do when their power is threatened. Witness the sweet words on the tongue, that attempts to take away or register by default, all the peoples guns. When you take away a peoples right to self defense against a hoard of anybody, that is malevolent behavior. Love, does NOT conquer malevolence, it is destroyed by it. Gandhi would have been a footnote in history if he had pulled his nonviolence trick with the Nazi’s, and that is what we are up against, Nazi’s. I told you before, if Jenny had been up against Nazis instead of freedom fighters that had human empathy, she would have been a greasy spot. Gandhi was a product of the British media, the empathy of the masses.

      I see why you got kicked out of the TB2K forum, you are insistent that only you are right, about things you cannot prove, this is the definition of MYSTERY, or 1+1=Love?. If you wish to continue the fantasy that this is philosophy or reason, please continue elsewhere. The lesson of the rich man is clear, sell ALL YOUR STUFF and follow Him. What part of this don’t you understand? This is the exact same thing the Buddha taught, detachment from the physical desires of matter. You use the MYSTERY method of interpretation and justification for love of money, the root of all evil, the basis of the churches doctrines of division. I’ve had a lot of money, I know how it affects the soul, it fills one with PRIDE. Funny how you don’t speak to this aspect of wealth on the souls of those who have accumulated much wealth. The Good wealthy are filled with guilt, and give it all away before they die.

      As if it is any of your business, I work. I am a consulting engineer in real life, semi-retired because your world of materialism and lust for profits, retired me by sending our robots to China and turning me into a has been. Then my next business was shut down by the big boys who had their hooks into Washington, by getting a waiver from the Telecomm act and putting us out of business. Screw most of your ‘christian’ and Jew businessmen, may they all rot in hell for a good long time, but not an eternity(as is mistranslated in your Catholic fairy tale book).

      I just delivered an invention prototype to a group of kids who had an idea, but couldn’t bring the idea to fruition. My payment? The look on their faces, the trophy they won in their competition. Hopefully, helping to motivate their futures.
      I get paid to sit on my butt, people send me checks to do what I do. It isn’t much because I choose not to pursue it past the level I need to pay my way. Besides, I’m half crippled and can’t do much anyway but sit, and will probably be forced onto disability because of your System. Your world of money disgusts me, you may justify it anyway that makes you happy…

      Disprove the Math of the Unified Field, or, please, go elsewhere to preach, you’re good at it. Your further posts will be banned if you cannot disprove the God Calculus. This discussion has served its purpose, to demonstrate that the MYSTERY of ROME, as canonized is a Sword of Division, an abomination of desolation set up in the true temple of God, peoples minds. That the Revelation, is needed to free the people from the confusion of what is good and what is evil. That good is made evil, and evil is made good, and the people are destroyed through a lack of Knowledge. That God does not author confusion, men do. The language of God’s Universe is written in math, not pretty words.

      I’m done.
      May His Force be with you.


  6. Jesse says:

    Honestly, Michael; it’s difficult to believe that you read (count ’em) seven books of mine and apparently missed the whole message.

    At no time did I say that I did not vote; I said I did: I voted for GOD’s Rulership over man’s, and will continue to. GOD rules me anyway, so I don’t have to wait for that actuality, and in fact, no one does. I DO nothing without Him and without Him I AM nothing – and neither is anyone else. We’re not all in the same boat, but we’re all on the same journey, whether we know it, or like it, or not.

    Incidentally, I’m not American, so my decision to vote for God’s Kindgom over the the governance of man won’t affect you. Those of us who work for God and also have a relationship with Him are on the front lines of the spiritual battlefied every day, but no one escapes this battle, Michael – no one. Even pacifists (like me) are warriors, but the enemy is EVIL itself, and EVIL is all that is not ‘of GOD.’

    I fail to see why you have a problem with my choice since you denounce America loudly and clearly, while I see America as not too much different from the rest of this wretched world, and I’ve traveled and worked in much of it; have you?

    You speak of Buddhists and ‘brown skins’ as if I know nothing of them, and worse, care nothing for ‘them.’ Why is that? If you read anything I wrote then you have to know that nothing could be farther from the truth.

    My work, as you know, is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and comfort the dying; it’s to EDUCATE apathetic or broken (sometimes both) people as to WHAT LOVE IS, by SHOWING them, which has always been the best and only way. Jesus LIVED His Gospel of LOVE and so should we.

    I suppose what confuses me about your closed-minded (sorry) stance is that you spew forth hate and call it knowledge and then claim to ‘know (and love) GOD.’

    ANY man who says he loves God yet still hates his brother ‘IS A LIAR’ (to quote Jesus).

    You seem to have come to the conclusion that THE GOLDEN RULE rules, and I agree, so what’s with all the histrionics?

    I also agree that GOD is PERFECT LOVE and that The Holy Spirit is present in all matter, including inanimate matter.

    I also believe that The Holy Spirit is resident in us (in humankind), and He is the Source Who reveals all knowledge (scientia = knowledge in Latin) to us, by the Grace and Will of YHVH.

    I’m not quite sure who or what you’re arguing with and about, Michael…?

    By the way, you say that the Apostle Paul did not meet Jesus. Did you miss the part in the Bible (and other books) about the Damascus road?

    Jesus PERSONALLY picked the Apostle Paul to play on His team, so to speak, and long before Constantine was born, everyone knew that. For three hundred years the followers of Christ (or The Way, as it was called at the time) knew and loved Paul and supported his work – as did GOD via a series of rather dramatic Divine Interventions. You dispute this?

    EVERY organized religion has done unspeakable things in defense of itself, but here’s the thing, Michael: not one of them had ANYTHING to do with The Father, The Son, or The Holy Spirit.

    The evil we do, we do on our own.

    With respect, I think you’d do better to concentrate more on the heart and spirit instead of focusing on the mind. Certainly we need reason, but the mind can get in the way of our spiritual journey. Be careful, Michael.

    My love to you and yours, and may God’s blessing and peace be upon you.

    P.S. Y’know, nothing you’re saying about Rome, Gnosis, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible, and the ‘Pauline letters’ (etcetera) is new, Michael. You are aware of that, aren’t you?


    • Jesse,
      ‘Spewing hate’… because I disagree with YOU? Who is hating and who is confused? My message, if there is one, is to abandon division, and the LOVE of MONEY, and to fight evil by fighting, not apathy. I’m confused, in your post below you said you have never voted for a “human ruler”, so which is it? Or do you just vote for Jesus as a write in vote? Sorry, either way, you enable evil when “good men do nothing”. To couch that behavior in flowery words, is the ultimate in specious arguments.

      Your books are all about the LOVE OF MONEY, LOVE OF the material world and how the rich salve their guilt by giving it away ‘properly’, with common sense. The Christ said to give it all away, and follow Him. This is the message of the Piper, that the Book and the churches, are about the material world, with a material religion, that is past its time because it is steeped in MYSTERY, unprovable, and only for those who have faith within them. My battle, is not with you or the victims of the churches, it is with the Churches, the Mother of Harlots and the Daughters. You say you are not of any church, and I read in your writings a non denominational bent, why is that? Because you think they have a slant, a bias, or a doctrine you disagree with? Or is it because they spurned you as a female minister? I said not to take what I say as personal, but messengers of the heart always take it personal, because it IS personal to them. You disagree with all the churches like myself, yet you LOVE their WORKS?, a conundrum. I see their works as the CAUSE of their problems, and the fulfillment of the Lord’s prophecy. This does not say that all the churches are evil, or all the Body are hypocrites, but the greatest majority are simply stupid because their religion knows nothing of the ways of spirit. They think things of spirit is only about love, and that is not true. Spirit is KNOWLEDGE, not MYSTERY, spirit IS love, but it is not JUST about LOVE. Love cures ills of individuals, that is for sure, but knowledge cures the ills of society, many of which, were caused by the Churches. Churches who LOVE MONEY, which is the ultimate way of spirit, detachment from the material world. This is why I took the vow of poverty, so that the Body sees nothing but LOVE for them, and not PROFIT. For it is the LOVE of MONEY that is the ROOT of all EVIL.

      Yes, you do teach love and how to love, but you teach it from the perspective of only love is necessary, this is not true. Why? Because what you Orthodox don’t understand, is that your message will not reach those who do not respond to messages of MYSTERY and LOVE, they respond to KNOWLEDGE and REASON. We have even converted agnostics and scientists, to ‘accept’ that there ‘could be a God’ as long as you put it in the context of science, what science understands to be real, and what science cannot explain. They respond to the resolution of mysteries, like myself.

      You think all prophets are equal, except those you disagree with? All you Christians tell me I have to conform to YOUR IDEA of HOW the Holy Spirit works, and what the message SHOULD BE, yet you say it teaches us as individuals? This is Pharisee talk, I do not hate you, I love you, but you are wrong. You think Saul become Paul, STUDIED with the Christ? The road to Damascus was a one off event, where he saw the Light. Then he made up some a gospel ABOUT Jesus, instead of having learned the Gospel OF Jesus FROM Jesus. You cannot reconcile the two. This is the Lord’s prophecy fulfilled by the sword of division in the minds of the Body, an abomination that is set up in the true temple of God, our minds. But as a I said before, Rome may have changed some of this when they excluded some of his works as well. They burned so much and so many, it is hard to tell when Paul ends and Rome begins.

      Do not lecture me about love, or hate, when your churches are filled with hypocrites, adulterers, child molesters, murderers, and rich men giving alms. I have not problem with their sin, if they truly repent and turn from the sin, but many do not. Many think the Lord will SAVE THEM from any sin, no matter what, and this is the travesty. They listen to bullshit artists speaking nonsense, like a local baptist preacher up the road, who uses his church as a hunting ground for women, married or not. Then a married woman up there just committed suicide because of him, and this is your religion of love? But it is a MYSTERY of God my son, how can any man know the ways of God and redemption? Because HE told us, and we burned it, and changed it into something else, a blasphemy. Is this part of the reason you do not like the denominations? No Jesse, my battle is not with you, or the victims of the doctrines of devils. Doctrines that make people think they can sin and get away with it. This is not EQUAL doctrine to the teachings of the Christ.

      If you think I’m preaching hate, this is the difference between mind and heart. Since I do not speak your language of love, you say I hate? I think you have reading comprehension problems when it is somebody elses work other than your own? If you cannot see the Grail that integrates that “old knowledge” as you say, then who has the problem here? This is exactly what I’ve said, that this is all ‘old’ knowledge, reinterpreted in the context of the Grail of Enoch with the Unified Field of the God Calculus. But you cannot see that, because you are trying to convince me of your way. You do not read to comprehend, you read to pick out points to argue with, this is the Way of Darkness, something we are all guilty of when we are trying to convince. We are both teaching, yet talking past one another because you teach to hearts, and I teach to minds. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a mind without a heart is a soulless thing. Likewise, a heart without a mind, is blind, this is why I am trying to integrate the two. As Einstein said; “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”, no truer words were ever spoken. I think he actually figured it out, but knew, if he came out with an equation of God, he would be ridiculed. That is why he gladly went to his death without heroic measures of treatment. He gave up on men, but I, having nothing to lose, relish the ridicule. I thrive on it, because the spirit says I am; The Revenge of the Heretics. Do not take it personally…

      The understanding of The Knowledge of Gnosis and the Grail is required to overcome the ideologies and the divisions, the denominations and material focus of this world, or else Earth will be destroyed by PROFITS and apathy. If Jesus were to return today, half the churches would seek to destroy Him, again. The Vatican is rumored to be working on an extra terrestrial ‘god’ manifestation, in order to do what? Say that Jesus was an alien? Haha, may be a good reason the Holy Spirit has released the KNOWLEDGE to overcome the MYSTERY in this time, so the people will have Proof of the Lies of the Priests and Preacher men, and the true victim status of the Body. It also would be a good counter of knowledge to the true heresy of Islam, the religion of death and darkness, if/when they rise as the Bible says; the pale green horse, that worships death, that controls 25 percent of Earth. Those who own the oil, while a dollar dies, and the Elite of the West have sold us out. Will the one world religion be Islamic, Alien or Goddess worship? Who can know the future, but I think Islam is part of it because the Revelation of John is a perfect history of the last age if you can see the riders of destiny properly. This is also another mistranslation of John, it was not a pale horse in the greek, it was a pale Green horse, the color of Islam.

      Any of these scenarios could be something that no mystery can overcome, but we also need to prepare to have a world without oil, in a new technology, and the spirit is wise. I am not against you Jesse, or the Churches that teach the message of Christ and live the message they preach, I am against the Enforcers of the MYSTERY of ROME, and you sound curiously like one of them when you say I CAN NOT understand the Universe or God’s Mind, when He gave that to us and your progenitors BURNED IT and imposed the true blasphemy of a confused and divided Orthodox Mystery. So I ask the final question again; Does God author division or Men?

      Go and minister to the hearts, and I will minister to the minds, and hopefully, someday we will meet in the lowest Aeon above the Chaos, and call it good…

      God Bless


  7. Jesse says:

    Evening Michael!

    Shabbat shalom!

    Of course God is ‘purest’ Love, and both YHVH and Yeshua have instructed (and still instruct) us as to what we should do and how we should do it, and The Holy Spirit provides us with ongoing instruction on a one-to-one basis.

    If, by ‘men’, you mean to discount all the prophets and disciples whom GOD has chosen to spread His Word, including the Apostle Paul, then you and I disagree on this point. GOD has always used men (and women) to further His Purpose for humankind, including Enoch, who was also a man – just one you’ve decided that you like better than others, apparently.

    It isn’t necessary for us to agree on all theological points for us to love one another though, Michael; that is how ‘Divisions and sects’ come about, and as you know, ‘God hates divisions and sects.’

    It’s a shame that my first response to your response disappeared into cyberspace, as in didn’t show up on your blog, but I’ll be happy to continue this discourse as I – and you – have the time – God Willing.

    May God bless and be with you and yours, Michael.

    Yours, surrendering to and trusting in Jesus – Jesse.


    • Jesse,
      Sorry if you misunderstood me, maybe I’m not clear. Let me be succinct. MYSTERY, all MYSTERY, is the Enemy of Knowledge and the destroyer, the Anti-Christ power. These are not my words, but The Revelation of John.

      Enoch, was given knowledge from the Throne of God, out of the mouth of God, because he was perfect before God. But, there may have been tinkering with his works, by men. That is why the Enoch II text is most important, it gives the Grail, the Anchor of The Knowledge of the Gnosis.

      Paul, was an enforcer, and a killer of Christians. He never studied with Christ. He made up a gospel ABOUT CHRIST, instead the Gospel OF Christ, or at least, Rome did by altering his works and destroying some of His works they didn’t like (The Apocalypse of Paul).

      Jesus, taught The Gnosis ‘privately’, and all those teachings were BURNED and declared HERETIC. And God REVEALS THEM in this time, but few want to hear it, because the Church says NO, it is FORBIDDEN, it is EVIL, it is sorcery… Horse hocky, it is God’s Science, the oldest thing, not a New Age thing, or an occult thing, or a metaphysical thing, it is The Private Thing of Jesus that was destroyed by the church, The Revelation for our time. It is not for those who love mystery, it is for those who love Knowledge. That is the definition of The Gnosis; Personal Knowledge of the Divine. But, like all works of men, it was tinkered with by evil thousands of years ago, and that is why the Grail of Enoch is important, it is an anchor, a foundation stone, a method of separating light from dark.

      Mary Magdalene was a disciple, and I revere her, but the Catholics turned her into a whore. Read Gnosis, to see why. Peter hated her and women.
      All these Gnostic texts, were preserved by God, for this time, as a Revelation of Knowledge that overcomes MYSTERY. Reread Revelations and know that the bishops of Rome almost kicked it out of the Canon, because some of them saw the condemnation of the Church.
      Learn about the Lady of 12 stars in her crown clothed in the Light of the Sun, standing on the moon… a New Song, that the Mystery of God is finished…

      The Romans wrote the Bible, God did not come down and hold the pen. They wrote a sword of division, with mixed doctrines of Paul and Jesus, the SOURCE of the divisions and denominations. No, God does not like divisions, that’s why He Condemns the Church, AND THEIR WORKS… you cannot tell me that Paul’s works are equal to Jesus’s, when only 5% of Jesus’s teachings were included in their Canon and they condemned themselves when they called His works HERETICAL. When they simplified the narrative, they whitewashed and destroyed the Truth of Creation to satisfy an Emperor, this was the true blasphemy.

      The Catholics are the Mother of Harlots, the Protestants are her Daughters. The Gnosis is revealed by God, for this time, The Revelation, do not put anything on me, it is not just I who sees this, but many. This is the Spiritual Evolution taking place through the process of Knowledge conquering 4th century MYSTERY and superstition. The early bishops of Rome, almost kicked the works of John out of the Canon, because they were considered too ‘Gnostic’. Rome outlawed philosophy and science, and set mankind back over a thousand years, remember The Dark ages? God condemns them in the Revelation of John. Do not think this is ancient history, because history creates the future, and the future is NOW… and they are guilty of the greatest crime of history, the destruction of the Knowledge of God, and replacing it with a counterfeit MYSTERY…

      You declare you have no ‘church’, but you do, unconsciously. You believe in the MYSTERY SCHOOL. That’s ok, but at least understand it.

      It is when you declare that I, or anyone, CANNOT understand God, His Universe, or His Mind where the real problem comes in, and the REASON everybody FIGHTS Christians and considers them all ignorant. There are STILL Christians who think the world is only 6 thousand years old! This is why Enoch was important, I recommend you read Enoch II, Chap 24… Enoch was given to man by the mouth of God Himself, and his books were found in the Dead sea scrolls, thus the provenance of the documents were proven older than the testaments of Rome, and preserved and revealed by the hand of God. To declare that no man can understand the Universe, is paramount to stating; “If man was meant to fly, he would have been born with wings.”

      I was gifted the math of God through the Holy Spirit, in the Unified Field that proves the Holy Spirit is in all things. I should think Christians would WELCOME THIS! But no, they oppose it because their minds are turned into mush by PREACHERS and a BOOK that preaches divided 4th century MYSTERY. It is not that it does not contain some of the word of God, but it is so mixed up by the words of men, that it needs fixing by the inclusion of The Gnosis anchored by The Grail, The Knowledge.

      This is the true meaning of the Revelation, and what the Church causes in the world by teaching the people to be sheep and not stand up to evil. Therefore, evil has taken over, enabled by Christians in apathy and complacency, kept in ‘submission to Godly authority’. This is the MYSTERY School, and its effects on spirit, man and society are horrible. When men or women say esoterica that to believe in the Kingdom is to ignore the secular workings of the world, is to enable EVIL. For when God’s JUSTICE is not found, then there is a vacuum, and only evil will enter. What do your scriptures say about JUSTICE? I will not quote Bible verse here because that only leads to typical Christian dueling verses, but you should see that He was appalled that nobody was found in the land to stand up for justice. When you don’t vote, you are ignoring justice. To say there is a wall between God and Government, is the worst kind of specious MYSTERY, that keeps you divided, and easily conquered by evil. Now you and others who left the battlefield this last election, have loosed the evil upon us all, and I condemn those who stand idly by.

      No, I don’t think God is real happy with His Church, or the lukewarm believers.

      This does not include you however, I know you to be sincere in your belief, and Love will conquer, eventually. But not until after the evil that runs the world is destroyed. Maybe not until after the Church brings forth its new Exo Vatican god theology of aliens and god particles. We shall see. But the Gnosis, anchored by the Grail of Enoch, in the Unified Field of Einstein and Enoch, is The Revelation, the only counter to all the MYSTERY, superstition, and nonsense happening in the world, and liable to happen in the future. It means God’s people have to fight ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’, not sit back and watch, pray and call it good. He said we are His hands of justice, but MYSTERY keeps us frozen and divided, unable to mount a unified face against evil, and too many don’t even know what evil is.

      May God bless you and yours Jesse, and may His Light shine in your mind, that you will see how very wrong His gospel and His church were corrupted, as Jude said; Evil crept in unawares… from the very beginning. For that is how evil works, it wraps light in darkness, the truth with the lie, so that it might not be revealed. The Church fulfilled the Lord’s prophecy, that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. A sword of division wielded by the Holy Roman Church. I am not writing this to try to convince you of anything, I know there is no way to get through to a mind made up. This is for other readers. Consider; ‘Christians’ cannot decide what they believe, they have argued about it for at least 1500 years. They can’t even agree on what a sin is, or that the Law of Moses was done away with. Some believe they can do as they please, and all will be forgiven if they simply confess Jesus before men. Most of them haven’t even read the Bible they worship, and it is the Bible they worship, not God. For many, their God is Mammon and their prophet is Ayn Rand, as the Bible justifies their doctrine of devils for their own prosperity, while they forget the lesson of the Rich man, that you cannot serve two masters.

      They say that Jesus will bodily pick up the soul of a dead Buddhist boy, and fling him headlong into the Lake of Fire to burn for an eternity, simply because his birth circumstances led him to a life that didn’t know the name of Jesus, when they do not even know what the Lake of Fire is. This is the epitome of naive arrogance, and exclusionary theology of those who yell HOO UH, when their jets bomb innocent brown skins. The God of the Universe demands justice above all, even their own book says that, but they are too busy making money and going to football games to notice that evil has taken over their country. They give up all rights without a whimper, as long as they can keep their guns to pretend they still have liberty. If there is justice in the Universe, then America deserves the fate of hypocrites… money failure, drought, war and deprivations to come upon them. They deserve to see and understand what their MYSTERY doctrines and ideologies of greed and coveting have done to them and the world, as their greed mounts to heaven and their coveting is a cancer in their midst. They are the seat of The modern System of Babylon the Great, that shall burn in ‘one hour’, of Universal Karmic justice. But know this, that it is not entirely their fault, they are victims of Rome, and The Mystery that the Mother of Harlots wrote upon their minds.

      The Grail of the Unified Field, is the proof of the Holy Spirit presence in the rocks of the Earth. It is the Proof in Math of the Light of God that shines in all things, and the Light = Love, that is the Spiritual Relativity that gives a New Song, that the Mystery of God is finished. That all men are redeemable if they PRACTICE the Golden rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
      It is better that you love God, for your reward in the Tree of Life is thus determined.

      That sin, is entanglement in dark energy. Taking versus giving, and your ticket to the continual revolutions on the Wheel of Life. Christ taught that you must be born again of the spirit, reincarnation, do not be fooled by the preacher men, they gain by your fears. The poor in spirit shall see God, because they deliberately detach from the desires of mammon. Christ taught the same things as the Buddha taught, because Buddha was probably the second advent of the Christ consciousness spirit. Jesus was the third advent through the Virgin. The fourth advent comes directly in the Light of God during a time of strong darkness, because he conquered the darkness and has ultimate power over it.

      That Knowledge conquers Mystery, and the Time is come for the Spiritual Evolution that is happening, and The Oldest thing, The Gnosis, taught by Jesus Christ, the Light of this world, be revealed again, preserved until this time, by the hand of God. The Bible and Gnosis must be dowsed for truth by a chorus of minds, to eliminate the MYSTERY doctrines, validate the Grail, prove the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, manifested in the Medicine wheel of spirit, given power through the Pi, the ratio of God.


  8. Jesse says:

    Afternoon Michael!

    May the peace of GOD be upon you!

    Thank you for your response.

    Just to be clear, Michael; I am a member of no ‘church’ save The Body of Christ, although I work with all churches (alongside my husband) to impart the message I was sent (by Him) to impart, as you know.

    I have never voted for a human ruler in my life. I cast my ‘vote’ long ago for the Kingdom of God, and will continue to pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come’ for as long as I’m spared. It seems absurd to me to PRAY for the Kingdom of GOD and then VOTE for the government of men – no matter where on
    Earth. I consider the system on Earth now a counterfeit one, soon to be replaced by GOD’s Kingdom.

    With respect, I think it is both naive and arrogant to suppose that, in our present state, we (humans)can fully understand YHVH. And with equal respect, I must say that I THINK YOU SELL GOD SHORT if you truly believe that mortal man could prevent *ANYTHING* that GOD intends for us.

    There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of knowledge, but we were told by YESHUA Himself to ‘Seek peace and pursue it,’ to seek FIRST His Kingdom and His Righteousness – and to LOVE, Michael; to LOVE.

    After thirty-nine years in the missionary field and fifty-seven on this Earth, praise GOD! I believe that’s just about all there is to it. 🙂

    Yours, surrendering to and trusting in Jesus,

    Read the first five chapters of the (Nobel-nominated) Time & Unforeseen Occurrence seven-novel series free at


  9. Jesse says:

    May the Love and Peace of God be upon you, Michael.

    Simplicity is the end result of all complexities.

    Your understanding of quantum physics is impressive, and while I do not agree fully with some of your observations (which does not matter), I do agree that Love = Light (and vice versa) and that God IS Love and is present in all things.
    (By the way, echoes and shadows are not illusions; they exist too. 😉 ).

    ‘For now we know in part, but then we will know fully,’ is a truism, I believe, as the FULL knowledge of God is not only inexpressible in human terms, but also imcomprehensible to finite, limited, human minds, but this is a temporary state of affairs, and while we don’t know everything; we know enough.

    Yes, ‘Love God with everything in you… and your neighbor as yourself’ is the foundation of ‘Oneness’ with God through Jesus Christ, our Lord, the ‘One Mediator between God and man.’ So let us ‘Incite others to love and fine works,’ and let us lead by EXAMPLE.

    I have never found it necessary to dissect God, Michael, as He chose to reveal Himself to me early in life, and the indescribable JOY and PEACE that comes with such a blessing and gift is… sheer GRACE. This does not mean that I don’t have faith, I do, but I also have been blessed with the KNOWLEDGE, as in ‘proof of’ God’s existence; not that I required it to believe in Him.

    God is everything, and God is Love, ergo Love is everything!

    Yours, surrendering to and trusting in Jesus (The Way, The Truth, and The Life’),

    P.S. While I believe that The Bible is Divinely Inspired, it does not tell us everything – not even close – and God never intended it to. I’m not sure I agree that it was such a ‘crime’ to condense the awesome Truth about The Creation into a story for easier consumption by (what you call) ‘The masses.’ Even Jesus told us parables so that we could easily understand what He meant, and I say ‘could’ instead of ‘would’ because many (most) aren’t interested in the Truth, sadly.
    As YHVH told Isaiah: ‘“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”
    Also: “Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and WHICH HAVE NOT ENTERED THE HEART OF MAN, all that God has prepared for those who love Him.”

    P.P.S. Job 38 – 40 is an intriguing view of YHVH’s thoughts about His Own Creation. Interested parties can access it on Bible Gateway here:,%2039,%2040&version=NASB


    • Jesse,
      May the Ineffable One’s blessings be upon you and yours…
      It is difficult to debate the Heart consumed with the Doctrines of MYSTERY. Know that we wish you well and know we shall see you on the other side in that place you call heaven. Nothing you have said is wrong, but merely incomplete, because it is partially of men and partially of God. I recommend you read Mary Sparrowdancer’s book, its linked on the right hand side of the page. It is of the Heart, which is only half of the equations of life. Pay particular attention to the messages, then think about what the ‘Christians’ did to the Indian cultures. The entire history of the Church is a blood thirsty rampage, even today, in the middle east, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, we romp and stomp in support of the global bankers and corporations, in worship of their true god, Mammon. All supported by so called Christians screaming HooUh. I’m sure God is well pleased.

      You think I’m a little rough on the Churches? I am the Revenge of the Heretics against the Murderers of the Saints, the Church of Rome, the rest of us, are mere victims of Rome. Those who think that this is ‘merely ancient history’, forget, that history creates the future, and the future is NOW.

      History and the new revelation of Enoch and the Gnostic works, proves, the Church destroyed what God intended for us to have, and they turned it into the Babylonian concept of MYSTERY, which is condemned in the Bible in the book of Revelations. The Mother of Harlots? If she is the Mother, then who are the daughters, the protestors? The Protestant? Those who are consumed in Rome’s book of Mystery, a book that was used to destroy reason and philosophy, setting mankind back a thousand years. You may deny this fact of history, but you would then have to deny the well bragged about history of the church, as they murdered The Saints called Heretics, and burned their books… those books being Enoch’s books, Plato’s books, Aristotle, whole libraries, including the Library of Alexandria, 10,000 years of accumulated knowledge, and lastly, the original private teachings of Jesus Himself, called; the Gnosis. These were replaced by the feel good doctrines of the 13th apostle, Paul. A man who never met Jesus in the flesh, and never studied with Him.

      They created a Bible that created a sword of division in the People, fulfilling the Lord’s prophecy, that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Rome wielded that sword for the political purposes of Empire(the Beast), and the protestants and God’s people were the victims. The Holy Roman Empire was the White horse of the apocalypse, I don’t think I’m being too hard on them, God is harsher. They were a continuation of the Triune Babylon system; banks, government and religion, as One, but as Daniel said, like Babylon but not as good. This Triune system is what we have today, the head of gold that makes the rules, supported on the two legs of ideologies and aided by the arms of useful idiots, standing on the ten divided toes of religious doctrines of iron and clay, mind vs emotion. It is a system that needs to be torn down, and replaced by the Golden rule. By the unifying power in the rock.

      Now, in this time, Enoch and the Gnostic works were preserved and revealed, only the hand of God Himself would have done that. You call it ‘dissecting’ God? I call it accepting the Revelation of His Spirit as given to me. I see the MYSTERY of the Church with an evil history, delivering spoiled fruit, through divided doctrines of devils and the blasphemy of feel good heresies that allow people to sin and think they are getting a free lunch redemption, which has led the world to over a thousand years of bloodshed, strife, division, and confusion because of the MYSTERY they imposed. I see the MYSTERY as dying in a new time of spiritual evolution, and a great falling away of faith through the increase of KNOWLEDGE. I see a church that took the teachings of the Lord, and mixed them with the teachings of men, and destroyed the simplicity of Love.

      I see a society divided by the Godless science and the God of MYSTERY, with no way for the society to advance, because godless science proves there is no god, and the God of mystery flies in the face of knowledge. This leaves good people of intelligence no where to turn. This leaves civilization in a rut, in a loop, circling the drain, always rising and circling and going down the drain of construction, apathy and destruction, with no way out. Because they are caught in the MYSTERY of the Churches and Bankers and governments who want it that way because of POWER and CONTROL. Each institution supports the other in the support of the System of Babylon worshiping the God of Mammon, they are all beholden to the power of MYSTERY and emotional control over man. The lesson of Daniels statue is much deeper than preachers will allow, because to attack the Head of Gold, is the source of power of the beast they ride upon.

      I see civilization on the downward path now, overcome by darkness, and Preachers telling people to submit to UnGodly authority. None of them, can see past their noses, as they have not read scriptures, but parrot what their teachers told them to teach, and anything different is EVIL. They don’t preach JUSTICE, they preach FEAR and MYSTERY. The new revelation of the Grail is not ‘New Age’ anything, it is the Revelation that gives the PROOF of God’s presence in all things, given as a gift of spirit, in the language of the Universe, irrefutable math. It is not ‘dissecting’ God my dear, it is a Gift of God, to deliver His people from the MYSTERY.

      Read and learn revelations with a new eye, and see the lady of 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the sun, standing upon the moon, delivered in a New Song, and the MYSTERY of GOD is finished… most preachers are stupid in their interpretation of symbols of the spirit. They have threatened me, calling me names, and saying I, am the Anti-Christ? When they teach the feel good doctrines of ‘sin boldly yet trust in Christ more so'(Luther)?, pledge allegiance to Jesus and you’re saved no matter what you do? They are Anti Christs, because Christ did not teach what is taught as “Christianity” today. Isn’t this evil self centered society evidence of the churches failure of doctrines and teachings?

      It is necessary for this gift to come for several reasons. First, to bring the atheists, agnostics and scientists to the Light of God, to show them the Spiritual Relativity, that “Being good is good enough”, was what Jesus TAUGHT! That Universal Redemption is what the Messiah brought, and MEN DESTROYED IT in the teachings of Paul and the Roman version of the Bible. It is not a gift for those who have faith. For those who have faith no proof is required, for those who have no faith, no proof has ever been sufficient, until now.

      This is because of the aforementioned problem of the schools of MYSTERY versus KNOWLEDGE. Only Knowledge overcomes MYSTERY and superstition. To say that Man cannot understand His Universe is the Babylonian MYSTERY School, pure and simple, an ancient thesis. HE gave us a MIND. To say this is paramount to saying; IF MAN WERE MEANT TO FLY, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN BORN WITH WINGS! Which was the religious argument against the Wright brothers at the turn of the 20th century, now we are here in the turning of the 21st century, and the mindset hasn’t changed. And it is a mindset, a mindset of loving the MYSTERY, clinging to the superstitions of the 4th century, taught from generation to generation.

      Ultimately the Grail is necessary because it is a Gift of the Knowledge of God’s science and the spirit, GIVEN to ENOCH for MANKIND, but ROME BURNED IT, and God PRESERVED IT for our time… draw your own conclusion my dear. It is the only way to UNIFY God’s people, to heal the DIVISIONS and DENOMINATIONS of MYSTERY of the Mother of Harlots, that cause the people to be lost in confusion and not knowing what is wrong with the world. The only way to understand the echos and shadows of the illusions(yes they are all part of it), is to shine light upon them, the light of knowledge. What the religious do not understand, is that their MYSTERY is NOT ACCEPTABLE, illogical, arrogant, exclusive, ignorant, superstitious, and above all UNPROVABLE in a time of evolved thinking, this is the spiritual evolution of knowledge and the reason for the NEED for a REVELATION. This is what will bring down the Age of Churches. The Churches that teach people to not fight evil, but to remain apathetic sheep to an evil mammon system are responsible for the takeover of evil. Churches still preaching a 6000 year old Universe despite the Knowledge to the contrary. Churches accepting a God particle of a godless science, because they say it is a MYSTERY of GOD, sew the seeds of their own destruction, they are their own worst enemy.

      Yet, you wonder why God sent a Gift to overcome the MYSTERY He condemns? Do you not know the Earth itself is to be destroyed in Fire one day? Do you not know that God acts through His own people through the spirit? Of course you do, you have written about it. Do you think he wants mankind to survive by finding the ‘New Heavens and the New Earth’? How else are we to do that without this civilization taking a major leap forward? Oh, I know, we all stand around singing and He will simply whisk us away? I’m sorry my dear, that is MYSTERY and superstition, imposed by Rome, on the victims of the Godly, who have an abomination of desolation set up in the true temple of God, their minds, the sword of division, and He condemns it. He wants us to get off our butt and learn how to get off this 3rd rock from the Sun. He loves us, and wants mankind to continue in Joy, and providing human beings for the implantation of soul and spirits. To do this we must go into the wilderness, and defeat the evil ones of the Head of Gold, who make the Rule of Gold, to be conquered by the Golden rule, in the power of the rocks, the Light.

      Enoch gave His original name; The God of Spirits, and that is His purpose, to build the Elohim, the Family of God, and for this He gave a path to the Light for the Separated and the Rebellious, for His Joy.
      No mystery, and nothing personal… The Bible needs fixing by throwing out the Mystery and the sword of division, and reintegrating Enoch and the Gnosis. But to tell me, that seeking the truth of His Universe is a useless exercise because God intends it that way, I can merely reply, you have fallen under the deception of Rome. I was not born with wings, but I was born with a mind.

      Will the Lord return? I hope so, but I will not put a schedule on Him for that is a form of mocking Him, and I will listen to what He told me to do, which is to advance the Gift of the God Science He gave us. I suspect, as always when dealing with the Deity, we must meet Him part way. Since His Grail of the Unified Field is given in math, then it is the math you must disprove. Even though your words are beautiful, they are not your words, but the Heart words of Rome, unprovable, vague, mysterious, and ultimately, unsatisfying to the Mind.



  10. bigskygen says:

    Same journey, slightly different reference contexts, but all the same that is the nature of discourse. Like yourself, i knew the answers have been with us for millennia. There is nothing new under the sun, and this important in taking the religious invested (both church and science, or they both have their orthodoxies) to the new place of understanding.

    I’ve been searching for the other transform relationship, or the compliment, so to speak, of e=mc^2. It is the energy- consciousness transform and has the same characteristics of which you speak. Similar to God in the rock, all things have a level of consciousness and the degree is based upon complexity. If you look at it, the human organism is magnitudes more complex than a mineral structure. I can share more details when I’m not swiping this out on a tablet 🙂

    To restate what you have said, “good” is the positive feedback in the E-C transform and “evil” is the negative feedback. The Light, Presence, or Universal Consciousness s there and we are part of it – as are all things. (Sounds familiar? As i said, nothing new here…) I know it because I have been there. I have had confirmation from others not quite from our postal code.

    The language we use or references we employ are a means for our not quite advanced enough mind/spirit to comprehend. To banter about on the correctness in debate is (to use a somewhat inappropriate cliche), stepping over dollars to pick up pennies. I would contend the physics relationships as presented are not enough to describe things wholly. I would further contend that we cannot arrive at the complete understanding until we evolve/advance, which is the paradox of Being.


    • Bigskygen,
      Greetings brother.

      Ah, The voice of metaphysics, and the Universal Consciousness that is manifested, and proven in the Aether and the global consciousness project. Which implies connection of the collective consciousness on a level ‘outside’ of creation(being faster than light), long range quantum entanglement. But to say that all this is manifested without a Creator, is the height of human arrogance, simply because of the structure of DNA. The Universal Consciousness is real, this much is truth, but for all things to be connected, implies a common connection point, does it not?

      You and I are on the same journey it appears, however, the math of the Firmament does not describe the complexity of the consciousness and it connections. It is merely the substrate of creation through the primal energies. As the special relativity equation you reference merely references the mass-energy-time relationship, the concept of relativity merely describes the Aetherial matrix, not the life contained within. It is a mistake to think such a simple equation can describe what I have called the Entanglement of the Infinities, which is the harmonic mechanism of the Emission of Intelligence within the DNA, entangled with the soul and the spirit on the 7 layered reality of chaos, the Chakras of the body, soul, spirit as manifested in the ancient medicine wheel of the native spirit walkers. There is no transformation of the unified equation of relativity possible at such a level of complexity.

      You are correct that human language doesn’t fully describe this relationship between the energies and the intelligence that is harmonically modulated on top of the primal Light through the hyper powers of the Aeons, the Powers and Principalities, the emitting hierarchy of delegated powers, the actors on the stage in the cave of shadows, that is the prism of hyperlight on the hardness of the magnetic Aether. You should read more than one page, and follow links, to arrive at what the ancients considered the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Life, and its reference point, the Math of God, which you don’t seem to fully comprehend. It is quite simple, the chaotic matrix is caused by the Big bang, everything else is by the delegated powers. If you need help with the math, we’ll be only too happy to assist(we recommend you deconstruct the symbolic; ‘3). Otherwise, we humbly suggest you continue reading until you have a question. Otherwise, your words say much, but have no logical or provable thesis in the metaphysical, which stops at the doorway to spiritual geometry and the New Song. You may disprove the math, provide an alternate theory for the rocks and take the Peer review challenge, otherwise, metaphysics must now give way to the Revelation of the Hyper Physics of God.

      May His Light be with you.
      Piper Michael


  11. Makati1 says:

    Much ado about nothing . . . that will fade into the past in the deadly world to come. We have taken mankind to the brink and are being pushed over by forces beyond our control. Homo sapiens was a nice experiment that failed. We say we are intelligent, but there is no proof. We foul our nest with abandon. We breed like the basest amoeba. We consume like a swarm of locust. We pretend intelligence and continue on our blissful way to our extinction.

    Mother Nature is already preparing the earth for a reset and it does NOT include the human species. We follow all other civilizations in our collapse, except, this time there is no new world to go to rebuild. We have destroyed it and any chance of survival.


    • Sorry, wrong answer.
      You have the nerve to take a Galt moniker? Shame on you.
      We are human beings, all we have to do is want it. I totally disagree with your Godless pessimistic outlook, and I wish you luck in your dealing with the darkness to come. There will be a Remnant, as God always saves a Remnant through all catastrophes, including the global ones to come. When you are sitting in the ethereal world, watch and learn.


    • jdwheeler42 says:

      I disagree with both of you, although far more so with Makati. This is not a catastrophe coming, it is a wonderful and joyous event. Something amazing is about to be born, something the world probably has never seen before (possibly even the Universe). True, it has been a difficult 10,000 year gestation process, and like many births, the process is dangerous and could even kill the Mother. The other thing to remember about the birth process is that while for the baby birth marks a beginning, for the placenta it marks an end. So, yes, Makati, if you are part of the placenta, your pessimism is justified, your world is coming to an end. Just understand that that is not the end for humanity, it is the beginning of something far better.


      • You are exactly correct JD…and beautifully said. I see I could learn much from you…you have the proper symbolic wisdom, for a picture is worth a thousand words…

        I had no time to completely respond to such pessimism and cut short. His pessimism is justified out of fear and he is right about the current state of affairs but allows it to affect his spirit, as you say, because the mysterious materialistic world view must come to an end, and what comes will be a wondrous event to behold. The only question is, how many will be left on Earth to see it or those who will fear it. This is a matter of conjecture, since God always preserves a Remnant through all catastrophe’s. If you read Enoch I (I will soon be posting the RH Charles version.), you see that the darkness comes to cleanse the world of evil, the force of darkness will cause them to destroy each other, and the ‘lukewarm’ who sit the fence most probably… Then, in the thick of darkness, when the the final seal of reality is broken, the Hyper Light, in the 4th Advent, what many confuse as the 2nd coming, will shine forth from the highest heaven and humanity will, as a group, have their now glowing spirit lifted out of darkness by the Knowledge and the Mystery will be forever done. This is, at its core, an energy event, not a mystery. A hyper spacial merging of the energies of creation, so that all men can be One with the Light. Mikati1, through his pessimistic outlook, his lack of spirit and love, will be conquered by the dark energy wave to come. Our task, partially, is to correct the scriptures and prepare for the final battle to destroy the last of the evil ones, who would prepare the Phoenix to rise from its ashes and reestablish the rule of gold, which must be conquered by the Golden rule, to pound our swords into plowshares by taking the remnants of the old and making something new, and then prepare to receive our inheritance and leave the cradle of civilization and mount up to the heavens, for one day, Earth will be destroyed in fire. But we can only reach the next level of civilization, and over come the cycles if we collectively achieve a new understanding of the Universe, and eliminate what holds us back.

        @Mikati1, Galt was the ultimate optimist. He was a man willing to sacrifice for his ideal. He had a vision of a better world. Ultimately, he knew the search for truth was not in one man, or in defending the status quo, but in the discourse and honest search for truth among men. Argument is not debate, it is purely a defense of status quo ante. It is not for you to argue with the Grail, it is for you to disprove it by finding a flaw in the God calculus. A flaw you cannot find, for it was a gift, and proven by experiments and the resolution of the oldest of the mysteries of physics. Thus the peer review challenge my friend. But materialists do not search for truth, they merely wish to ridicule and defend the evil ways of Earth. If you can find a flaw in my math or logic, I will be the first to welcome it, for we can only advance together when we stand on the shoulders of giants, this allows us to see further.


  12. godsfingers says:

    Hi Piper,
    You might want to check my site and see why it’s quite true that everyone has a God sized hole trying to be filled.

    I love the E=mC^2 twist. What they don’t teach in school is that C had to be included because Einstein had to accommodate “the beginning”, creating something out of nothing.


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